Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 14

Saturday April 2nd-Natalie is such a silly girl, I swear she is up-side-down more than she is right-side-up these days! I remember being the same way as a kid.
Sunday April 3-When I went and got Brayden out of bed this morning he crawled right over to cuddle with Allan who was still asleep.

Monday April 4-I started potty training Lilly today, she did pretty well!

Tuesday April 5-Yesterday they started sheetrocking the basement. They did the celings yesterday and most of the walls today! It's so exciting to see it coming together!

Wednesday April 6-I took Lilly and Hailey to Artic Circle on a special date. I had lots of cute pictures of them playing together, but I was really amazed at this little rock climber!

Thursday April 7-Our first winter here Allan told me "the snow will be off the ground by my birthday (late march) for sure" that was a horrible winter and it wasn't even close! Most of the years it hasn't been off by his birthday. This year the snow was gone so early it was very nice, BUT that just means everytime we get a little snow I am disappointed because I thought winter had left us already! Wake up Kristy, you live in IDAHO!

Friday April 8-Date Night...I'm a little embarassed to admit this, but our plans were to go to the temple this night. We were all dressed and Allan said to check my reccommend. I was SURE that was silly because it couldn't be expired, but sure enough it had expired in March! doh! Well, our good friend Trudy had come to babysit so we took advantage and went to a different dinner and a movie instead.

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James and Tricia Thomas said...

I have done that before on the recommend thing too! I love all these pictures and each story they tell!