Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dinner in a Basket

Many of you know I run a Bountiful Baskets pick up site. One of my favorite things about doing Bountiful Baskets is trying lots of new and different foods. Maybe some of you are like me, when I would go to the grocery store I would pick up the same fresh fruits and veggies, and hardly try anything new. I know this isn't for everyone, but I LOVE having my produce picked out for me and then going home to find new recipes to make from the stuff I get. I have decided to start a blog of recipes to use the Bountiful Basket fruits and veggies. If you want to check it out the address is:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weeks 8, 9, &10

Saturday February 19-Jean has been making blankets for some of the grandkids. Allyson loves to snuggle up to her and watch. Jean is such a great, patient grandma, she even let's Ally try some stitches.
Sunday February 20-On the way out to Jean's house for Sunday Dinner we were listening to church songs instead of Natalie's princess CD. She wasn't too happy about it!
Monday February 21-Brayden loves to chew on his blanket when he goes to sleep. I think this is such a funny thing to do. If he could I think he would shove the whole thing in his little mouth!
Tuesday February 22-Guilty Lilly! She colored her whole hand red with markers, I am actually pretty impressed by how well she covered everywhere, inbetween her fingers, her nails, everywhere!
Wednesday February 23-My 30th Birthday. We went out to Applebee's for kid's night, and the girls got their face's painted.
Thursday February 24- Allyson got glasses. About a month ago at her well visit we discovered she couldn't read the letters on the chart. She is very excited to have them.
Friday February 25-This is what 6 adults and 13 kids will do to a Cookie Monster at Pizza Pie Cafe! (Photo Credit-Jaren Layton)
Saturday February 26-We had a birthday party for me! I wanted to have a few friends over and play games and have dinner and dessert for my party, so that's just what we did.
Sunday February 27-Our nephew Jared got ordained a deacon today, so most of Allan's siblings and their families were out at Lee and Jean's house. The girls spent most of the time in the bathroom doing eachother's hair. This was Hailey's do.
Monday February 28-Allan's mom Jean retired and this was at her retirement party.
Tuesday March 1-We finally moved Brayden into a forward facing car seat. He seems to like it.
Wednesday March 2-Allyson up late doing her homework! We found out Uncle Bruce would be coming to help us start working on our basement so as soon as the kids got home from school I made them start cleaning up the basement so we could get to work and it was bedtime when I remembered we still hadn't done her homework.
Thursday March 3-After prayers the kids all decided to tackle Allan!
Friday March 4-Hailey helping to make ravioli for dinner. Lately she has enjoyed looking through cookbooks and deciding what we should have for dinner.
Saturday March 5-The first wall going up in our basement! YEA!
Sunday March 6-It snowed and was perfect snowman snow so we made a snowman family! The best thing about snow in March is that by the time church got out the snow (and snowmen) had practically all melted!
Monday March 7--Natalie was getting into bed and fixing all her little stuffed animals. She said the adult ones were on the left (of the picture) and the baby ones were on the left. She then changed the frog for a brown monkey and told me that the brown bear is in love with the pink monkey and the pink bear is in love with the brown monkey, but they can't get married because it would be silly for a monkey to marry a bear. Silly girl!
Tuesday March 8- Hailey practicing volleyball. She is by far the youngest and smallest girl on her team, but she trys really hard. Her first tournament is on March 19 and we are very excited!
Wednesday March 9- Lilly got into the stickers and decorated herself.Thursday March 10- This was right after Brayden woke up. He was too lazy to hold his bottle so he slouched down and rested it on the table while he drank.
Friday March 11- Hailey nominated her teacher to win the Stone's Kia Teachers and Treats program and her essay was chosen, winning her teacher $250 and their class a pizza party!