Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week 13

Saturday Mar 26- Allan's 32 birthday! We went out on a date to Cafe Rio, Cupcake Factory, and a movie, but I forgot my camera. I remembered I hadn't taken a picture while we were watching TV at like 10:30 and this was the picture.
Sunday March 27-Allan's sister's birthday is the day after his. She turned 40 this year! She etched Allan's name into her cake so he could be part of the celebration.

Monday March 28-Our new shelves in the storage room. They have been finished for a little bit, but today I started moving EVERYTHING into the room so we could start drywall/tape/texture!

Tuesday March 29-Ally's spring portrait, I am too cheap to actually buy these things so I took a picture of her picture and sent it back. I think it's dumb that they print a whole package and send it home with everyone and then tell you to pay for it or send it back, what a HUGE waste of paper, ink, etc. No wonder they charge so much for you to keep it, they have to make up for all the money they wasted!

Wednesday March 30-All winter long a group of us have been going to the church in the morning to exersize. Most days the bigger kids pull Brayden around in this blocks wagon, double bonus because he loves it and it keeps him out of my hair while I work out!

Thursday March 31-I worked at the kids book fair today. I always spend WAY too much at this book fair, but EVERYTHING is 1/2 off and I am a sucker for good books!

Friday April 1-The big kids went to Grandma's for a sleepover with some cousins so we got to hang out with Brayden and Lilly. If I could freeze my kids at this age I would love it!

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