Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Natalie should have been for Halloween...

I was just looking back at some things that I need to blog about when I get a chance, and I came across these awesome pictures of Natalie from about a month ago. It's kind of Tinkerbell meets Terminator...The Tinkinator!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Discovery Elementary Spook Alley

I volunteered to be in charge of the Spook Alley at Hailey's School. It turned out so great! This had to do a lot with all of the wonderful help that I received. I will now take you on a little picture tour of the whole thing:

The Spook Alley
The people would come in and sit on a park bench and there was this bum by the trash can.Then this guy would jump out of the trash can and the bum would chase them out of the park. These were two of the Middle School Student Gavernment Kids who came to help out.
Next came my wonderful husband Allan in Dracula's Lair. If you look closely, he made himself some clip on fangs. He didn't think he was too scary, but I think you can tell by this picture that he was!
They then crawled through a tunnel with spiders and spiderwebs and there were people grabbing them from the outside of the tunnel, (I didn't get a picture of the tunnel) and into a Zombie Classroom.
The Zombies were compliments of the Bonneville Drama Department and they did an amazing job.
The zombies kind of chased everyone around the room and then back out into the hallway.
Where they would come to my Dear Friend Susan dressed up like this. (actually the first time they saw her was when they came out of the tunnel and she scared a ton of people including adults)
Now it is time to give props where props are due. Susan helpped me so very much with this night. She and I came up with all of the rooms and decorations for the Spook Alley and transformed the second grade hallway and later returned it back to the way it was in a matter of hours with the help of a few others (Natalie, Zoe, Sonya, another Natalie and others I am sure I am forgetting, sorry)
Next they entered the graveyard where there were a few more kids from the Middle School to jump out and scare them before they exited.
We also planned a not so scary Mad Scientists Lab and I basically told a few of my ideas to some other great friends Krista and Arin and they took over. The details in their room were amazing! They were luckily up on the stage so they were able to go in at 9:00 a.m. and start setting up. It took them all day but the results were well worth their time!
The Mad Scientists Lab
The witch and her Cauldren (Krista and Arin each took the witches post for an hour)
Then the Mad Scientist (Krista's husband Josh and Zoe's husband Steve) would take them on a tour of his lab full of fun things to touch and see. This was where it came in handy to have a Dentist as a husband because they used a lot of his tools and teeth and anatomy books and other things that I found in his boxes of stuff in the basement to decorate. As well as some of my canning supplies and kitchen tools!
Right before they left the lab Frankenstein (my friend Sara's husband Jeremy and then Arin's brother-in-law) would be laying on the table and come to life, it was great!
The teachers helped a lot too, they got the local beauty school to send over some face painters.
Another little plug for AWESOME people here...Allan's parents came to the school and took my girls around so that they got to enjoy it all while we were busy. And Robin held Lilly basically the whole night so that was a big help too!
Hailey, Ally, and Natalie all had a great time. Lilly was not as impressed, but she was a trooper!
The teachers also had a Fishing Pond where the kids could get prizes.
And a couple of them dressed up and read the kids palms.
There was also a Candy Bar Walk and a pumpkin carving contest and a Giant Pumpkin Lady giving out candy.
The amazing thing was that the principal wanted this to be a fun and free activity for families so everything above was absolutely free! We did sell dinner (Hot Dogs, Chips, and Drinks) for basically cost, and had a Bake Sale. Felicia the PTO President took care of the food and I got some mom's to come in and help sell it, and Allison helped get people for the bake sale. So there you have it, I am so glat that it is over, but it was also a lot of fun.
Disclaimer: Do not read further if you don't want to hear me whine~
So here is my one little annoyance with the whole thing and basically PTO in general. I am upset that there are not more people involved. Basically there are a few handfulls of people who are always willing to volunteer and help, but then everyone is happy to come and enjoy their hard work. There were hundreds of people who came to this activity, the lines were incredibly long. I just don't see why more people are not willing to give their support. I had a planning meeting that I sent home flyers with every student, sent out e-mails to many of the parents, and put in the school newsletter that I needed volunteers and still had very few people respond. I am truly grateful to everyone who was willing to help, and I understand that there are scheduling conflicts and not everyone can help with everything, but if everyone would just take their turn, the work wouldn't end up on the same people every time!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby Bear

Lilly is now 6 months old, I can not believe that half a year has passed already. I took her in for her appointment and she now weighs 14 lbs and is 25 inches long. The doctor was so impressed with her, he said that she sits and moves and grabs things like a 9 month old. It was kind of funny because he walked in and saw her sitting on the table playing with the paper and asked if we were there for her 6 month appointment, and when I said yes, he asked how old is she and checked his chart because he thought she had to be older than that.

Some things that Little Lilly is up to these days are...

Still eating every 2 hours day and night

Cat napping...this girl has not heard of a 2 hour nap!

Sitting up on her own from lying down

Getting up on her hands and knees but not going anywhere on them

Climbing up small objects like pillows and climbing out of her carseat if not buckled

Standing with support

Rolling or scooting to everything that she sees

Puting said objects into her mouth as quickly as possible

Eating sister's homework

Getting excited when she sees Mom and sad when she doesn't

Having stranger anxiety just a little bit

Growling...she loves to growl

Aside from the not sleeping, and wanting to eat all the time, she really is a pleasant and happy baby. She just wants what she wants when she wants it, but I guess that is just what being a baby is all about. Last week I left her alone for the first time with my mom because we were going to a football game and it was going to be very cold, she took a bottle like a champ, (and while I was glad, I was also a little sad, like she didn't really need me as much anymore.) I can not believe how fast my baby is growing up!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Calling all friends!

I have never been good at sending out Christmas cards or thank you cards, or really anything of the sort. I started to realize a couple of things:

1. I really am an adult now, we are no longer in school, Allan has a real job and we have a real home. It is time to start acting like it.

2. We have made a lot of friends and it is hard to keep in touch with them all. Between people that we knew before we got married, while we were living in Provo, Fort Lauderdale, and now here, there are so many people that I love and miss and don't keep in touch with.

3. This one isn't a realization so much as a fact, I am a social person, and I love visiting with old friends and making new friends and if I don't know where my friends are it is hard to do this.

So as a result, I have set a goal to find as many friends and family as possible and make a list of their addresses and send them out a Christmas Letter or something. So here is what I need you to do...send me your address and information so that I can make my goal a reality. If you don't comply, I will come looking for you but I am asking for your help so my e-mail address is and I will be waiting for your note.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lilly 5 Months...a little late!

A couple of weeks ago, I took Lilly in for her 4 month check up and shots, of course, at the time she was 5 months old, but who's really counting?

At 5 months old, she weighs 12 lbs 14 oz. and 24 in. She is into everything, she amazes me because she already gets up on her hands and knees, but she hasn't figured out crawling quite yet. That doesn't stop her though because she either rolls or does this strange crawl with her head. She has calmed down a lot, and is a very good baby, but she still eats every couple of hours. She is starting to babble all the time and loves to play with her sisters. Allan says we know she is beautiful (not that we needed any help) because random people that we walk by comment on her all the time.