Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Can Can, Can You?

This last month has been busy, but uneventful at the same time...does that make sense?
I have been doing a lot of canning, so far I have done peaches, green beans, spaghetti sauce and stewed tomatoes. I still have tons more tomatoes and am planning on making some more sauce and some salsa. I also will be doing apple sauce very shortly, and maybe some apple pie filling.
I put up my Halloween Decorations. I change this planter shelf for each season and try to make most of the other things in my house year round decorations because it's easier on me.
I have a lot of really cute fall/Halloween stuff. This shelf is very busy, I guess my fall stuff may start to expand beyond my "seasonal shelf."
My friend Janae at Thoughts In Vinyl has her craft group this Friday and I am trying to decide if I have more room for fall/halloween crafts, but they are so cute I will probably do them because I can't resist!
This witch one may be my very favorite!
Janae is also doing a give-a-way right now, so go enter!
Here is the whole effect...too busy?
Besides canning and putting up decorations we have been doing the school/homework/reading thing, going to soccer games and practice, ballet 3 days a week, piano lessons (and trying really hard to fit practicing in, sorry Natalie) and heading down to BYU for football games. Also, (I guess I should take pictures and do a post about this) I run a Bountiful Baskets site. It's nice to be back in a routine, but I feel like there isn't anything interesting to blog about because we do the same thing day-to-day.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Do not have 5 kids unless you want to do A LOT of this!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


This may not be something most people are willing to admit this year, but it is true. Win or Lose (and this year has been mostly lose) our family bleeds blue. This has been a tough year so far for BYU and after 4 losses in a row, Allan is still hoping that we can end the season 8-5. I will be happy if we can win more than we lose! No matter what happens, we will be there to cheer on BYU. GO COUGARS!