Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 15

Saturday April 9-We went out for a treat and were surprised to find out Sundae's had FREE Ice Cream!
Sunday April 10-Lilly fell asleep while playing on her magnadoodle. She is such a stinker, she never wants to go to bed and always crashes somewhere. I should really be a better mom and make her go to bed anyway.

Monday April 11-Brayden loves to be outside and he has no fear about staying close, he just wants to venture out and explore!

Tuesday April 12- We had a watermelon in our Bountiful Basket this week, Brayden LOVED it!

Wednesday April 13- Typical dinner time at our house!

Thursday April 14-Lilly had an accident and I put her in the bath, then Brayden was into some kind of mess and I forgot about her while I was cleaning it up. When I went back the tub was so full it was about to overflow, she didn't seem to mind though!

Friday April 15-Our good friend Sydney Pettingill got baptized today!