Monday, August 31, 2009

It's a....

Boy or Girl??? The Boys Have It!

Well, I went to my doctor's appointment on Thursday and even though my ultrasound isn't until September 9th, I mentioned to my doctor that I haven't felt the baby much and he said lets just go take a look. We did and the baby looks great and is a little boy! We are so excited, I think the shock is finally starting to wear off. Now we are going to start talking about boy names, something we have never done before, maybe that is why we haven't had boys yet, we can't decide on any names! I was so sure it was going to be a girl I already had a name picked out! SURPRISE!!!

Hopefully after the kids get back to school I will get on here and post about all of the things we have been doing this summer. In the meantime, I just thought I would let you all know that 4 weeks from today we have our ultrasound. So, what do you think...boy or girl???

(Emily, here is a picture of the bump, Allan took it, and you can see why I am the picture taker in the family, he has no patience, he took it and it wasn't on a great setting and it's a little blurry and shaddowy, but he was done so this is what you get!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I was inspired

Multiple Kids-purple

My friend Nat was talking about anticipation for school to start and for a schedule to begin and her mixed feelings of happiness and stress. Anyway, she made up a weekly schedule of her activities and I thought it looked like a good idea.

Now I think I am feeling a little stress. I haven't quite decided somethings like if I am going to work out in the morning or run in the evenings and when I will be volunteering in the girls classrooms. My day is actually not so bad because I will have one at home all the time, one in preschool 2 mornings a week, one in kindergarten 5 mornings a week and one second grader gone all day long. (for me this is a piece of cake compared to four at home all day long all the time in summer) What stresses me out is our afternoons and evenings. Once Hailey is home we have ballet two days a week, piano lessons one day, I haven't gotten a soccer schedule yet so that is not on there, but I hear it will be practice on Tuesday and games on Thursday. Luckily, even though they will be in different age groups soccer should be at the same time and place for both Hailey and Ally. Add all of that to homework and chores and piano practice and making dinner and baths and reading and I am just hoping we can get it all in.

Wish me luck.....why did I want to have a 5th child???

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bow Tutorial--Just for you Lacie!

My cousin Lacie e-mailed me from California, wanting to know how to make some bows for her adorable twin girls. I have never done a tutorial, but I figured this would be the easiest way to show her.First of all the supplies that you need are ribbon, alligator clips (metal single prong clips), elastic thread, hot glue, scissors, and fray check. To decide how long your ribbon needs to be you fold it in half once and then in half again part way. The double fold will be about the size of your finished bow and the extra will be your tails.
Press each of the folds tightly so that they leave a little crease in the ribbon.
Fold back the tail and press tightly again leaving creases.
Unfold the ribbon and it should look like this so you can see five creases.
Take the first crease and fold it over the second so it lines up.
Fold the ribbon over again and line up the third crease with the others.Tuck the fourth crease so that it lines up with the other creases and is on top of the first two and under the third.
Take the last crease and put it on top of the others.
Take the folded ribbon and fold it like an accordion.
Wrap the elastic thread around the middle several times and tie in a not. Trim the ends of the thread.
Stretch the bow so that each of the loops is the same length and the elastic is in the center. Put it to the side at this point.
Now we are going to wrap the alligator clip with ribbon. This is optional, but makes the finished bow look a little nicer.
Take some 3/8 inch ribbon and place it inside the clip then wrap it around the clip.
Trim the ribbon. Take it out of the clip.
Put hot glue on one inch at the end of the ribbon and place it on the inside top of the clip.Fold the ribbon over the top of the clip. There should be enough glue to pinch it to the top. If not, put more glue to secure.
Put glue on the rest of the ribbon.
Wrap it around the clip and secure as shown.
Now we are going to attach the clip to the bow. Place a drop of glue on the center of the clip. Line it up with the elastic in the center of the bow and press it down.
Now take the 3/8 ribbon and open the clip and place a drop of glue underneath the clip and place the ribbon on the glue. Close the clip and wait for the glue to cool.
Pull the ribbon around the clip.
Place another drop of glue on top of the ribbon underneath the clip.
Pull the ribbon tight and press onto the glue. Hold it while the glue dries.
Trim off the ribbon just below the clip.
Now trim the tails to a desired length in the front and back.
Now you have your finished bow.

To keep the bow looking nice, apply fray check to the edges of the tails and let dry.
Hope this helps Lace! If anything doesn't make sense, just let me know. Now that you know how to make a basic bow, you can add extra loops or put one bow on top of the other before you secure to the clip, and all sorts of other fun things. Have fun experimenting!