Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hailey's 7th Birthday!

Wow, it's been a month, and as I was writing that title I was thinking, "I can't believe I have a seven year old!" I guess it still hasn't set in.
Hailey's birthday fell on the last day of school for the second year in a row, and we decided to have another slumber party. When the kids all got here, they played outside for a little while and had lots of fun.
Then we had pizza and I gave them each a water bottle so they had something to drink from all night long. The girls who came to her party were Brooklyn, Kate, Hailey, Afton, Alexis and Katie. Hailey's other good friend Maddie couldn't make it because she went to England for a month!
Hailey wanted cupcakes with pink flowers for her cake, so that was easy enough. We also took some to her class that morning, and she told me that some of the boys didn't want flowers, so we also made some "H" ones. The boys just had to deal with pink frosting.
It took her about seven breaths to blow out the candles, and she even had a little breeze to help her out!
Then we opened up presents. She got lots of fun things from her friends like a purse, a diary, a jewelry making kit, makeup, and water balloons! She also got a new watch and a couple other presents from us.
After presents we played freeze dance which was a big hit with these girls!
Can you tell Alexis loves to be the center of attention? These girls are all so cute and funny!
After dancing we of course had to do makeup and nail polish!
Here are the girls all dolled up and getting ready to watch Tinkerbell. They all did awesome, we put the movie on at about 9 and when it was over most of them were still not asleep so we watched underdog and that did the trick!
In the morning we had doughnuts and they played until everyone's parents came to pick them up. It was a really fun and memorable night for Hailey!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The month of June in a nutshell.

To start off this lovely month, I headed down to Utah for a week with all the kids to take the girls to BYU Soccer Camp. It was a really fun week with my parents. While we were down we got to visit with lots of family. We went to dinner with my Grandma and Grandpa Fessler and my Aunt Vicki's family, we went to a 5th Sunday Family Dinner at my Grandma and Grandpa Arrington's house, and we visited with my cousin Emily and her girls. We also went to the Parade of homes and saw lots of amazing houses that I will never own, but got some fun decorating ideas for the future.
This is Ally (above) and Hailey (below) on the last day of camp getting their goodies. I am such an awesome mom that this was the only time that I brought my camera into the camp.
We also got to visit with my dear friend Emily and her kids. I have known Emily for about seven years now and she is pretty much my idol. One day we hung out at her house and my girls had lots of fun, and another day she took us to this really cool children's museum in Salt Lake City.
Here are some of our kids with their awesome sunglasses they made. Hailey is SO my daughter and had to have hers perfectly semetrical.
Hailey is also a little climber and had fun climbing on their rock wall! Some of her other favorites were making paper airplanes and playing in the news room.
Ally was having a blast exploring everything, most of the pictures I took of her she was concentrating so hard on whatever it was she was doing, it was very cute.
Natalie was so cute playing pretend in the little town, she did everything from shopping to cooking to ironing and here she is filling the car up with gas.
There was even lots of stuff for Lilly to play with and she had so much fun crawling around and exploring everything! Thanks Emily for a great day!!!
After our week in Utah, we came back up to well mostly a lot of rain, but also T-ball. I coached an all girls team with my friend Arin and it was lots of fun...and lots of work. The girls on our team did really great and made such a huge improvement from begining to end of the season. Here are some pictures of my girls up to bat. Today was our last game, and I am here anouncing that next year it is someone else's turn to coach. Next year I will have 5 children, 3 playing and 2 babies, and I am just not doing it, I am going to spend the month of june sitting on a blanket in the shade watching games!
This last picture (ignore the dishes in the background) is of my monkey child. Lilly is a climber, she started with playing on the stairs when she was only like eight months old. She climbs up on tables, rocks, and anything else that she can find. When we were visiting my grandparents she crawled right over to this rock ledge and started climbing straight up. She got over a foot off of the ground when I pulled her off! She can now use a step stool similar to this one to get up on our full sized trampoline by herself. She is such a nut, and she scares me to death.