Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Biggest Loser Competition

Hi Friends!

I am going to do another Biggest Loser Competition and wanted to invite anyone who would like to participate. I know it is the new year and I have a resolution to lose weight and I do so much better when I am accountable to something. The competition will run December 31-February 25. Here are the details:

This is all on your honor, you weigh in on the designated days on the SAME SCALE each time WEARING THE SAME THING with NO SHOES and phone/text/e-mail me your weight.
The first weights are due to me by MIDNIGHT DECEMBER 31st
The cost is $20 due to me by Dec 31 (if you are out of town, get it in the mail asap). IF YOU WRITE A CHECK I WILL NOT DEPOSIT IT UNTIL THE END OF THE COMPETITION
If you lose 10% of your starting weight you get $10 back
There will be 3 intermediate weigh ins for a $10 prize to whoever has lost the most weight DURING THOSE 2 WEEKS. Those weigh ins will be on January 14, 28, and February 11. (every other Friday)
Final weights will be due February 25th at MIDNIGHT
At the end of the competition all remaining money will be split between the top 3 losers 50%/30%/20%
I will keep all weights confidential and the only thing that will be sent out is % lost.

I will open this up to anyone who is interested, so if you know someone who would like to participate send them the details. The more people involved the more prize money to be won!

If you want in let me know and I will send you my phone number and e-mail

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