Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa Claus Came to Town!

We heard through the grapevine (Trudy told Zoe) that Santa Claus would be at the John Deer Store one night.
Seeing as how I am not a farmer, and I have 4 daughters we had never been to the John Deer store, even though it's right around the corner.
The kids were pretty impressed with all of the toys, and so was Allan for that matter. (Santa if you're reading this Allan would like a riding lawn mower with a snow plow attachment.)
Plus as you can see they had cookies so who could complain right?
We thought Santa was supposed to be there from 5-8 and we got there about 7.
Turns out he was only supposed to be there until 7, and we got there just in time!
Remember this a couple years ago? She was much more friendly this year. Plus she really wanted canes. (That's what she calls Candy Canes!)
Lilly was pretty friendly herself, I guess she got the memo that he brings presents!
Brayden didn't get the memo or he just doesn't care about the presents, but he wanted nothing to do with the Big Guy.
I am so glad we went! The kids each got coloring books and a bag of candy and a printed picture of them sitting on Santa's lap. Plus there was cookies and juice!


Robin said...

My kids are all terrified of Santa at Brayden's age too. Who am I kidding? My kids won't go to anyone but Mama till they are three! Your kids are generally social so I was surprised that he didn't care for Santa. Cute picture anyway!

James and Tricia Thomas said...

Poor little guy who is terrified of Santa! The girls all look amazing!