Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Letter...a little late.

This holiday season came upon us way too fast and I didn't get everthing done that I needed to(not surprised) but at least the important things got done and we spent time with our family and friends! One of the things that didn't get done was sending out Christmas cards. I really had good intentions and bought cards last year after Christmas on sale that hold a picture, and I ordered copies of our family picture to put in them, BUT, when I put the two together Natalie and Lilly were cut out of the window. Now that I am looking at this picture below, I may have been able to use it, but really they didn't get sent out because I just ran out of time.
I would like to share a little about what our family has been up to though, since 2010 was a pretty big year for our family!
Hailey turned 8 this year and was baptized. It was a very special day for all of us and we are so proud of the example that Hailey sets for her younger siblings. Hailey is now in 3rd grade and is one of the top in her class for math and reading. She also enjoys doing ballet and piano and playing with her friends as often as possible. She also played soccer and T-ball again and tried volleyball this year. Hailey is also my biggest helper at home. She is very responsible and is the best at doing her chores.
Allyson turned 6 this year. As you can see she has been losing teeth like crazy. Allyson started 1st grade and is SO smart. She is reading at a 5th grade, 9th month reading level! Allyson is a social butterfly and makes friends with everyone she meets. She is also doing ballet and piano this year and has really worked on focusing her attention. Allyson also played soccer and T-ball again. Allyson has always been a little mommy and she is a big help with taking care of her little brother and sister.
Natalie is our little princess. She loves all things girly and pink. Natalie turned 4 this year and started preschool. She loves being able to play with her friends and learning her ABC's. Natalie loves to sing all the time and is also doing ballet and is very graceful and talented. She played T-ball for the first time this year and had Aunt Robin for her coach. Natalie is also very funny and likes playing jokes, especially anything that teases her siblings.
Lilly has had a big year this year as well. She turned 2 and is learning to talk really well. She is adjusting to no longer being the baby in the family (sort of), but loves having mommy's attention as often as possible. Lilly is very strong willed and knows what she wants. She loves her siblings very much and is always right in on the action with them.
In 2010 (obviously) we went from having four kids to five! Brayden has been a wonderful blessing to our family. He is such a happy and easy-going baby. He is quick to laugh and everyone loves him. He has also been our fastest mover and started walking a few days before he turned 10 months old. He already loves cars and balls and is all boy!
Allan is still working for IHS in Fort Hall. It is a good job and we are grateful to him for working so hard to support our family. He enjoys going out an playing sports whenever he gets the chance including coaching Hailey and Ally in soccer this year. He loves helping out with the youth campouts and went to Girls Camp, Scout Camp and High adventure this year. He also had the chance to go on several hikes including Table Rocka and Mt. Borah.
I have been very busy helping at the kids schools and trying to keep up with the responsibilities a family of 7 bring. I have also started up selling Pampered Chef again. This year I opened up a Bountiful Basket Co-Op site and really love doing that. I also enjoy exersizing and crafting in my "spare" time.
This year marks 10 years since Allan and I met. We love spending time together. One of our favorite things to do is to go down to BYU for as many sporting events as possible. This year we attended football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball games. Also since we have been in this ward we have had the great opportunity of serving together in every calling we have had. This year we spent half the year teaching youth Sunday School and the other half teaching Hailey's primary class. As a family we have had some fun trips together this year to Yellowstone, Utah and Arizona.
We have been very blessed this year and are so grateful for our family and friends! We are thankful for the gospel and the happiness that it brings to us especially at this time of year as we remember the birth of our Savior. Merry Christmas and may 2011 bring you much happiness!


Shaunika said...

Merry Christmas! I enjoyed reading your letter and catching up with your fam. Now I'm going to peruse your blog! Come check out mine sometime at

Robin said...

At least you had intentions of doing a christmas letter! I have never done one, but that is a good idea to do it on your blog. Cute pictures! All these kids are growing up too fast!

James and Tricia Thomas said...

I love your blog Christmas letter!!! You look beautiful in the last picture I cannot believe how long and pretty your hair is!!! I hope we get a chance to meet up soon!