Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tiger Lillies!

Hailey played soccer this fall. In the past I don't think she was really all that into it, but this year she did great!
Allan was her coach again, our team was half from our neighborhood, and half from another school. Back: Allan, Ashley, Natae, Hailey, Lexy, Maddie, Megan
Front: Katie, Tyler, Megan, Lexy, Corbin, and my Hailey.
Both Hailey and Ally have been #3 because that was Allan's number.
Hailey is far left in this picture going for the ball.
Hailey is really quite competative (like her parents) so she wants to be the best. She isn't quite there yet, but in my opinion she may have been the most improved on the team so if she keeps it up she could be great one day!

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