Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's that time of year again! This is Hailey and Ally's 3rd Nutcracker, and Natalie's 2nd. This year Hailey and Ally are attending ballet 3 hours a week and Natalie 1 hour a week. It is exciting to see them progress and they all did so amazing on stage this year!
Natalie's class were mice, and Ally helpped out. Ally got to be the first little mouse that goes on and does a little solo part before the other mice come on.
All of the girls were in the Overture as princesses.
Natalie was funny because when she was a mouse she didn't really want her picture taken, but when she put on her princess tutu she turns into a little DIVA!
This is Natalie with her class.
Hailey and Ally were told to "Catch a Bubble" so they would be quiet back stage.
I convinced them to let it out for a picture though!
This is their Tuesday class, on Tuesdays they go together for an hour and a half, then they each go a different day for another hour and a half.
This is Hailey's Thursday class dressed up in their Chinese outfits.
Ally's other dance was the Madam Ginger dance (they come out from under a giant skirt). She said that was her favorite dance because she gets to dance with a boy (help me). I feel really bad because I never got a picture of her in it. She performed that dance on Friday night and the Wednesday dress rehearsal, and I chaperoned on Thursday/Saturday so I was never back stage when she had it on. You can see her performance pictures HERE and HERE


Jamie said...

How do you get the kids to all of their activities when you have your other kids? Your kids seem to be a part of many things.

Congratulations on their 3rd Nutcracker!

The Staker Family said...

Hi Jamie! Mostly we all pile in the car and go! Their dance class is in town about 15 min from my house (I live out in the "country")so usually I will drop them off and go do shopping or go to the bank or something like that. The two oldest also do piano, but that is right around the corner so they walk. Usually one of them is in some kind of sport as well and we kind of take turns with that. I feel like I wish they could do more but I don't have the time (or money!)