Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Celebrations!

Our Christmas started early on Christmas Eve morning because we were going down to Utah I didn't want to have to lug all of our presents down and back so we opened our presents at home before we left.
Lee and Jean came over which was great. We opened presents and had a yummy breakfast of Cinnamon Rolls, Fruit and Hot Chocolate! (I overcooked the cinnamon rolls because they were baking while we opened presents but they were still good)
Allan was really into watching the kids open their presents as you can see! He was reading the second book in the hunger games and had one chapter left and we had the 3rd to listen to on CD on the way to Utah.
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: This is the last picture you will see of Lilly with a binky in her mouth! When we went down to Utah, we had one with us, but she never asked for it and I never gave it to her, so when we came home I just went with it. We did have one incident, where Brayden was being fussy and I tried giving him a binky, but he doesn't take a binky and Lilly wanted it so I just took it away again and things have been fine. I guess outta sight outta mind is true!
The girls all loved watching eachother open presents. We let the person who got the present choose the next present to be opened (not their own)
The kids all got jammies from Grandma Jean (and so did Allan and I actually)
Then we packed up and went down to Grandma Fessler's house. We had a big dinner and the kids were off to bed!
Brayden is a blanket muncher. Whenever I lay him down for bed he shoves his blanket in his mouth. I have heard of this but never had one of my own. In the morning Santa Delivered!
Lilly got a play kitchen and shopping cart.
Brayden got a car thing.
Ally got Jesse.
Natalie got princess dolls.
Hailey got an easy bake oven.
They also all got Zhu-Zhu's and thought it was fun to have "Zhu-Zhu Wars" on Brayden's toy.
Later, after Grandma Vicki woke up we opened up presents from her and Papa Burt. They recently moved in to take care of my Grandma and decided to give us their Wii from the other house. The kids were very excited about this. It's really our first video game.
After that we went to Papa's old house, where my other grandparents are living right now, and spent the evening with my mom's side of the family. I forgot my camera at Grandma Fessler's house though. Allan and I took the kids to see the lights on Temple Square that night and I have some cute pictures on my phone, but don't know how to get them off, so if you know let me know! Overall, we had a very wonderful Christmas. We are so blessed and grateful for all that we have. I was glad to spend the last part of the evening on Temple Square remembering our Savior.

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