Wednesday, June 25, 2008

T-Ball Update

Hailey At Bat
Hailey at her Perch
Ally Climbed so High!
The Lions
Ally Running Home!

T-ball has been going much better, Hailey's game was at a different time this week, so I got to see her play. She did awesome, she ran really fast and even beat a kid to third who was trying to get her out! There was two hours between their games, so we just staed and played at the park. Hailey has started to like to climb trees, so and Ally joined her. Ally and her team have been doing better too, they have even been getting some outs. (the kids still run around the bases) I took some pictures today and the one of Ally running home is halarious, I guess Natalie Taylor, one of the moms on the team told them to pretend a monster was chasing them and they aren't safe till they get the the base.

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