Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

1. What is something dad always says to you? (A)Go get in the bath and Go to Bed
2. What makes dad happy? (A) Cleaning our bedroom (H) Listening to what he says
3. What makes dad sad? (A) Not obeying him
4. How does dad make you laugh? (H) He makes up songs
6. How old is your dad? (H) 29(she’s right on!)
7. How tall is your dad? (A) Tall...really tall. (H) 22 feet tall
8. What is his favorite thing to do? (N) outside (All) Sometimes we help him work outside and that makes us happy.
9. What does your dad do when you’re not around? (A) Find us
10. If your dad becomes famous, what will it be for? (H) Making lots of money
11. What is your dad really good at? (A) Gardening
12. What is your dad not very good at? (A) making food
13. What does your dad do for his job? (H) Tooth Doctor
14. What is your dad’s favorite food? (H) eggs
15. What makes you proud of your dad? (A) when he helps me put my seeds in (flowers in the front yard)
16. If your dad were a cartoon character, who would he be? (A) Boots
17. What do you and your dad do together? (H) jump on the tramp
18. How are you and your dad the same? (H) we are part of a family
19. How are you and your dad different? (H) he wasn't born in your tummy
20. How do you know your dad loves you? (H) he's our dad...he gives us hugs and kisses (A) He helps me do my garden (N) outside

We love Allan he is an awesome husband and father, and this is a great day to be able to celebrate all that he does for us.

p.s. I stole this from my friend Emily cause I thought it was a good idea...Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I stole it too! It's all good.

James and Tricia Thomas said...

That is so cute!! I love their answers!! There is something special about Daddy's and their Daughters!!!

Arin said...

So cute! I think I might steal it too!

Nat said...

Some of those answers were so stinkin' hilarious!