Friday, June 27, 2008

My Quirks

Well I got tagged and I thought it sounded like fun so here are six of my many many quirks:

1. My Closet and My Kitchen- I think most people think I am insane, but I have to have my clothes all facing the same direction, and color coordinated, first the tank tops then the short sleeve then the 3/4 length and then long sleeve. I kind of do it when I put away Allan's clothes too, but I am not nearly as picky about his. I am also like this in the kitchen, I have almost every Pampered Chef tool ever invented, and I have usually had a pretty small kitchen, but I find the perfect way to fit it all in. Allan still refuses to do dishes because I guess when we were first married he loaded the dishwasher wrong and I got mad. If he would just load the dishwasher now, I think I wouldn't care, but each time I move to a new dishwasher, I figure out the perfect way to load it so that the most dishes fit in and get clean.

2. I am a perfectionist. I love to make lists, everyday I make a to-do list and I love to check it off. I am very competative and like to be the best at everything. I have been taking classes at BYU-I and I have this need to be the very best in my class. I got a 91% on my last test and I was really disappointed. I also kind of like to be the teachers pet, lame I know. I am also like this when I work out with people, in Florida I used to go to the gym and do a class, and I wanted to be the best one in the class. Now I am running with a group of girls, and I am out of shape from just having a baby and it's driving me nuts because I am not as fast and my endurance is not what it used to be. The problem comes that if I don't have time to do something perfect, sometimes I just won't do it at all.

3. I like to party. Not the kind of partying like high school kids do, but I love to have people over, or go over to peoples houses, or go out with people, whatever, as long as I am with people. I like big groups, small groups, it doesn't really matter. Allan and I both have this quirk, and we will stay at your house till you tell us to go home, or until it is very late and we need to take our kids home. I also love to play games with people. One time the prophet talked to the priesthood about spousal abuse, and Allan came home and said, "the prophet says I can't beat you anymore," and I said, "why not?" because the only thing he beats me at are games and that's what I thought of.

4. I like to be involved in everything because I don't want to miss anything. I really want people to like me, and I hate the thought that someone doesn't. I will pretty much overwhelm myself with commitments because I hate to say no, not because I feel bad but because I don't want to miss out on something. If I am invited I will allmost always go somewhere. Also, I love to know secrets, like who is pregnant or moving or dating or whatever. I like to talk on the phone too. I need a lot of human contact every day.

5. I am a sucker for direct sales. I sell Pampered Chef and Mary Kay, I own a ton of Shade, Modbe, Molly Me, etc. clothes, I have a Vita Mix and a Vacuum that I bought from demonstrations, the list could go on and on, but I am poor so I try to limit it to things I absolutely love.

6. I have a good memory of random things. I can see a movie, especially a musical, and recite lines or sing the songs the very next time I see it, or ten years later. I remember phone numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, drivers licence numbers, birthdays, etc. Not so crazy that if I glanced at your credit card I would remember the number, but once I enter mine in a few times I have it memorized.

So there you have it some of my quirks, gosh I could keep going. I tag everyone who reads this, which I am pretty sure I have about four of you who read my blog, and Natalie already did it, so my guess...Emily, Arin, Mary, and Zoe.


Nat said...

I do "to-do lists, too! Now it's mostly in my head, but I used to plan every minute when I was younger, and would put things like "wake up" or "eat breakfast".

Fosburg Four said...

LOL...Kristey! I would do this tag but I think all i would have to do is copy and paste about teo thirds of yours...I didn't know how much we really have in common! That's so funny!

jessica said...

Hey! It was so fun to catch up on your life! I love Hailey and Ally's hair!! Alexia got hers cut that short too! It sounds like you guys are doing so well... write back and catch me up! (Oh, by the way, I totally do the exact same thing with my closet and dishwasher!!)

Aunt Susan said...

Well, I finally found your awesome website! It was really fun to read through it and espescially to see the pictures. I love you guys- it was so fun to spend time with you on the 4th!