Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Backyardagains

So I have my very own backyardagains! Our backyard backs up to four families with kids, and since only one of those has a fence, the kids all go out and play and wander from house to house getting snacks and whatever. It is so fun. Today Dawson Abrams, Kaiden and Connor (not pictured) Dixon, were over, and often, we also have Savanna, Dawson's little sister, Katie and Gabe Bingham and sometimes Mack Poole wanders over to join in the fun. My kids absolutely love always having someone to play with, and I love it too!


Miranda said...

Fun picture, Don't you just love Summer! Life is just better all around!

Kluane said...

Cute picture of the kids! I love our neighborhood, it's the best.