Thursday, June 19, 2008

4-5 T-ball

Lined up and ready to play
30 seconds later.

I am trying really hard to be a good mom and let my kids play sports even though they have very little athletic ability. I really wished that I had played in more sports a small child. So anyway, not that I had to, but I decided to coach Ally's t-ball team this year. it's been a lot harder than I thought to get 4 and 5 year olds to learn the game. There are a few kids on the team that are pretty good, but there are a lot who just lay on the grass or just stand there. This hasn't really bothered me before I try to get them to stand up and play, but if they don't, it's just t-ball who cares. Well today it got to me, I am sure it is my fault, I didn't eat much before I went, and if you ask my parents they'll tell you I am not fun to be around when I haven't eaten or when I am tired. So anyway, we were playing a team that was way better than us and way bigger too. We are down 5 of our players, at least 3 of which are some of the better players on the team. The ball would go soaring out into the outfield and two of the boys would run out to get it, because they were the only ones we could get to pay much attention to the ball, and by the time it was infielded their players were typically to third. After two innings of this I was done, but there was still time to play another inning (oh joy) so we took our bats and then by their turn to bat I was just like whatever, just get the ball to the tee whenever you can and 10 batters and we will be done. Well anyway after the game I was already upset just at the idea of t-ball in general and the other coach felt like I thought they were being bad sports and she came over to tell me that she was sorry if I felt that way but they just taught their kids to play and that is what they were doing. Well I wasn't upset with how her kids were playing, we were just unevenly matched and I told her so, but I basically felt like: sorry I know how to coach and you don't. I have also been frustrated because Hailey plays on a 6-7 year old team and we have had almost all of our games at the same time and I haven't even been able to see her play, and then this coach tells me that she has big kids because they are the siblings of players on the team and that is the only way that they can play, well anyway I don't want Hailey on a 4-5 year old team, I want her to play with her friends, like I said, I had just had it today. I am really sorry if you are reading this and your child is on my team and you think I hate coaching, I don't. I really do love all of the kids on our team and I could care less if we win or lose the games it was just one of those days. Thanks to all of the moms who help me at the games with my kids and with the team.


Kesten said...

First of all, I think their hair looks great! Second, I too have coached after having the 4th and our team wasn't the greatest. It was not fun, but, the kids still remember me and they loved it. It's not the game, its the great person you are. This will pass and all anyone will remeber is that Ali's mom coached their team. I'm sure you're GREAT! Hope to see you soon.

Zoe said...

It's all good Kristy, don't even worry about it. I felt bad at the end of the game because I saw you ruh off. It's fun being a coach but at the same time it can be frustrating, I know Arin had a hard time yesterday. It's hard when the teams end up being nuts but just remember, as long as the kids are having fun, who cares! Last year I had a few games like the one you had to today and parents that would complain but I just figure, their 3-5 year olds who mostly have no idea what they're doing. All of us parents don't care anyway, we're just glad our kids can play with their friends and have fun, I laugh at Syd most of the time because she's nuts! I just tried to help the kids have fun and hope I was sane at the end. Really it's no big deal, I think sometimes we all have those days when we've had enough and we're just stressed and we need to vent. You do great and some parents don't even try and coach so for you to do that is something good in itself. Anyway this is HUGE. We can come on Saturday by the way, we're looking forward to it.

Nat said...

Dude, did you play Orange Crush? Those kids were huge and super good, and basically kicked our kids' butts when we played them! And they were really old! Their team totally complained (the parents, I should say) when we had all our kids in the field, so then we had to make kids sit out.

Arin told me I could coach the younger T-ball team next year (for Jayce and Brock, etc.), and I laughed! I'm the co-coach, and I'm exhausted after the games, and I don't even do half of what Arin does during the game, or before that for that matter.

I'm sure you're doing a great job! And really, the kids don't care. Half the kids on our team would rather sit out, anyway. It's hard to get them going in the right direction most of the time. Really all that they will remember is they played T-ball, not that the other team was better or any of that. The whole idea is to get the kids out there having fun. Keep it up-only 4 more games to go!

I'm just sorry that you haven't been able to see your other daughters' games. Maybe next year you can volunteer someone else to be coach.

I too can be SOOO grumpy when I'm hungry!

Arin said...

I had a rough day on Wed. so I feel your pain! Today was much better though. I felt so bad for you when Zoe told me about your game today. We played the same team the other day and they kicked our trash! It is just hard when your team is so little. I wish our teams would play each other, at least then they would be more evenly matched. :) Just two more weeks and then we are done until next year.