Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Are you kidding me? SNOW.....IN JUNE!!!

So, the weather has been miserable this entire summer....Who am I kidding, this entire year! Any day that actually gets a little warmer, like 60, is so windy you can't enjoy it. The last week or more has just been crazy windy, yesterday the wind blew our trampoline a few feet!

This morning to top it all off we woke up to snow again! SNOW IN JUNE!

I love Idaho summers, it is one of the reasons I wanted to live here, it is my very favorite time of year, the weather has always been so nice, perfect for being outside. I don't know what kind of cruel joke this is.


Nat said...

My sophomore year of high school (1995) it snowed in June. Someone even built a snowman outside of the school! And once it even snowed on the 4th of July! Gotta love the crazy "summers" of Idaho!

Arin said...

Stupid weather! Ila was so sad that she didn't get to play t-ball today!