Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 2

Saturday January 8-Bountiful Baskets
Sunday January 9- Brayden helping with the laundry.
Monday January 10- FHE-Hold to the Rod
Tuesday January 11- BYU at Utah Basketball Game
Wednesday January 12- Natalie's party invitation.
Thursday January 13-Natalie's 5th Birthday
Friday January 14- Hadley and Lilly kept taking off their diapers and trying to go on the of them peed on the floor and I put their diapers back on and cleaned it up, then about 2 minutes later this was what I found.
P.S. Zoe hopefully you are okay with me posting this picture, I guess if not let me know and I will take it off....easier to ask forgiveness than permission! :)

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