Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 3

Well, of my New Year's Resolutions, this one has been the one I have done the very best on. Although it's trickier than you would think because some days there are so many things to take pictures of it's hard to narrow down and on other days I don't really have anything to take a picture of. Here are week 3's pictures:

Saturday January 15-Allan and I were singing in the choir for the adult session of Stake Conference. We had our neighbor come over to babysit and she brought her 2 little sisters to play with my kids. When we got home Sarah and Natalie were doing "makeovers" in the bathroom. I could honestly see them having the same exact conversation while getting ready to go on a date or to a dance or something in another 12 years!

Sunday January 16-Hailey has started reading Harry Potter. She is doing really well getting through it pretty fast, but it's what she wants to do when it's time to do chores or anything I need her to do. (I think she gets that from me, that's why I don't do much reading these days!)
Monday January 17-For FHE we talked about having a testimony of our own and then made Testimony Cookies! We have been having lessons that go with the primary theme for the week so I knew what our lesson would be on, but as I was looking for ideas I came across this blog with family home evening ideas! They have some amazing ideas and we only did a couple of their ideas, but what an awesome resource!
Tuesday January 18-Oh Lilly! She has always been a tantrum thrower, but lately she doesn't want to go anywhere in the car. This day we were taking the kids to ballet across town and she screamed all the way there and almost all the way back, a total of 25 minutes. Here is a little sample of things she was saying: "Mommy I don't want to go to ballet, mommy take me home, mommy take me that way (pointing towards the house), mommy I'm stuck, mommy help me, mommy I can't touch you." Oh, and my favorite, "Mommy don't take my picture!"
Wednesday January 19-Brayden's 1st Birthday! This was one of those days it was really hard to pick only one picture. I am going to do a post this week for each of my January kid's birthdays. Here is Brayden after he was done eating his birthday cake.
Thursday January 20-Just to show Lilly's pretty cute as well as a screaming monster, This morning I went in to her room and found she had "made" her bed. The assortment of books she had found was pretty funny to me because she has everything from board books to chapter books.
Friday January 21-I guess I had to be in a picture eventually, and I picked a really great embarassing one too! I went to the school to teach a F.A.M.E. lesson on Monet and Impressionism. The lesson instructs you to "dress up" to fit the part. I was actually pretty happy with what I found. The big sun hat is one like Monet would wear while taking care of his gardens and ponds so that he would always have flowers in bloom to paint, and the dress kind of reminds me of Monet's paintings.


NatalieT said...

What a fun thing to take a picture every day. It is fun to see the pictures and keep tabs on your family. Thanks for letting me.

James and Tricia Thomas said...

I love that you are doing this!!! Such a great idea and way to chronicle your life!