Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Eve and Resolutions!

On New Year's Eve we had our friends the Laytons and Pettingills over.

Our NEW Wii came in very handy!
These guys have some pretty AWESOME moves, don't you think?
We even let a few of the (13) kids in on the game playing action, most of them were downstairs playing and watching movies.
It's always fun to have an excuse to stay up late and eat a bunch of yummy food! Only two of my kids made it 'till midnight, I put Brayden down at his normal bedtime, then Natalie fell asleep on the couch fairly early. Lilly fell asleep watching the kids play a board game in the front room. Hadley and Austin also fell asleep, but I think the rest stayed up. I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends!
On New Year's Day we spent the day as a family watching lots of movies! It was very fun. After the movies went back to the RedBox, I sat down to write up some New Year's Resolutions. Hailey saw me and wanted to come up with some also, and then Ally joined in on the fun. We decided to make 11 resolutions since it is 2011. The kids came up with their resolutions all on their own, here they are (their spelling)

Ally's were:
doing chors
go to school if you are not sick
go to ballet if you are not sick
go shoping
be revrint in class
have fun at school
have fun at resess
read scripshers
say prars
read 20 minits
do homewrck every day

Hailey's were:
Do chores when asked (read when asked)
do not beg to play wii and facebook
change earing daily (only when they don't match)
say my own prayers at least once a day
make toast or cereal when I have them
sometimes make snack, lunch, or dinner
only watch one hour or less of tv unless it's one long movie
only play wii when sisters are or dad and mom or mom or dad or whole family
be nice to friends
have fun at school
write cursive at least once a week at school (whole day of school)

I debated whether to post my resolutions or not, but decided (like I always tell Allan) this is my "Journal" so here they are:
Read scriptures daily
Attend temple monthly
Go Visiting Teaching every month
Take a picture everyday in 2011 (more on that later)
Don't go to bed with dishes in the sink
Spring clean entire house (in a year not a month this time!)
Stay on a budget
Meal Plan/Eat out less
Family Home Evening EVERY week
Keep my bedroom clean (a little embarassed to write that one)
Be happy

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Nat said...

Good goals! I need to work on some of the same ones. I tried doing the spring cleaning thing throughout the year thing, and wanted to do one room every Friday or Saturday. Then I realized that I wanted to do other things on those days, so it lasted all of two or three weeks. Oh well. But I'm sure you'll be able to stick with it.