Monday, July 19, 2010

T-Ball Wrap-Up

T-ball is what we did every Monday and Wednesday in June.
Somehow? We managed to lose Natalie's shirt before the very first game and so she never got to wear her team shirt, but she had fun anyway.
Ally improved a lot on her speed and stamina. (not really witnessed in this picture, but I think her coach will agree with me)Hailey had this one AMAZING game, it was the second to last game. She got 7 outs! The first one she was playing right field and got someone out on their way to second. The next 2 innings she was playing short stop and she got 1 or 2 people out on 3rd and the rest at home. The picture is one of the outs at home! I was so proud of her, and pretty much shocked at how good she did!This is how Brayden and Lilly spend the t-ball days. The same game that Hailey got all the outs, Lilly fell asleep on her chair, she is such a silly little girl!T-ball season is one of my favorite times of the year. Even though it can be hectic with so many kids, I love hanging out at the park and watching the kids play. I can't wait for next year!!!

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Layton Mom said...

Both the bigger girls improved with leaps and bounds. I would still like to know what got into Hailey! She was like a different kid. Have you found the missing shirt yet?