Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Road Trip #1

I am really trying to catch up on our summer events because we have been doing some really fun things!

The first week in June Allan was away doing some CE so I decided to take the kids down to Utah for a few days.
We went to visit my parents and grandparents...this picture is us with my grandparents actually from a couple of months ago, but you get the idea. (notice it was back to chubby pregnant face days)
It was really pretty cold and yucky weather but I promised my kids I would take them swimming. We only got to swim about a half hour before this big thunder storm came through!
Here is Brayden his first time sporting BYU attire, I had to document that since it's a pretty big deal in our family!
After I loaded up the car to go home I told the girls to go and get in the car and I was saying good by to my grandparents and when I came out this was how I found Lilly.

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