Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Once T-ball finished up I signed the girls up for swim lessons. They are getting to be such great swimmers!
Here is Ally swimming back to the wall. Her first session she was a starfish, and we are now doing a second session and she passed up to the guppy level.
Natalie is not the biggest fan of the water, but she was pretty good most of the days. She was in the eel class, and when I asked her if she wanted to take lessons again this time she said no, so she now plays at the park with Lilly while the big girls are taking.
Hailey is a minnow and was very proud of the fact that she is in a class at 5 feet now. Her class really works on becoming stronger swimmers and she is doing really well.
Lilly spent the first two weeks of lessons hanging out with me in the car. Now most of the time her and Natalie play at the park.
At the end of each session they get to jump off the diving board. This is always a very exciting day for the kids.
Well, except for Natalie, she isn't very brave so she got dropped into the water very slowly.

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triciathomas said...

I love all the swimming pictures!!! We did indoor swimming lessons and sadly I did not get much of a tan so far this summer!! I am with Natalie and think the park may be more fun!