Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Great to be 8!

Be prepared for about 100 pictures! I cannot believe how big Hailey is getting. She is such a huge help with her sisters and brother and around the house doing chores. She is an awesome student and is really starting to turn into a beautiful young lady inside and out!Hailey turned 8 on May 29th
Here are the girls excited to open presents
Hailey is such a good reader, she got lots of books for her birthday. She also got a Scentsy warmer for her bedroom and some new PJs and Rollerblades.
Hailey decided she wanted to have a skating party for her birthday this year, here are a bunch of pictures of the fun!

My family tradition is that when you turn 8 you can get your ears pierced so we continued that tradition with our kids.
Dave's kids were in town and I was watching them all week so I took 7 kids to the mall!
She picked out these multi colored flowers so they would match everything.
Then we went and played at the play area in the mall.
Hailey also got baptized by her dad!
Here she is waiting for her turn.
Allan and Ally stuck around after for ONE picture and then ran to Ally's last soccer game.
Here is everyone in the family who came (except Allan and Ally)
Hailey got new scriptures and a tote for her baptism.


Janae -- Thoughts in Vinyl said...

She is such a cute girl. It was a fun baptism day (now I need to get on the ball and post about it too). Happy Birthday Hailey!!

James and Tricia Thomas said...

Holy party!!! Looks like fun!! I love that she got her ears pierced!!! Being baptised is such a special time!

Mosers said...

Happy Birthday to Hailey!!! We will be doing the baptism thing in about 6 months? Time flies doesn't it!

jomama said...

8 years old! wow! she's so cute. that roller skating party looks like it was so much fun.

B. Surfer said...

So glad you pictured yourself in the photos -- i was dying to see your new after 'weightloss challenge' body!! you look stunning!