Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Road Trip #2

We met up with some friends from dental school (Thomas' and Goldthorpes) for a weekend at our family cabin in Island Park. It was SO much fun. We got up there Thursday afternoon and then went to dinner in Ashton at Big Juds, this local burger joint. Then the next day we went through Yellowstone to Old Faithful and that night the girls all went to see Beauty and The Beast at The Playmill Theater. Saturday we went to Cliff Lake and went canoeing. Sunday we went to church and packed up and went home. I packed clothes and such for all seven of us, and our portion of the food (we all brought a way too much food) and drove up the 5 kids by myself and Allan met us at Big Juds after work. Anyway, the reason I am telling you this is because the one thing I forgot was the diaper bag (basically my purse) so I didn't have a camera on our fabulous vacation. (I did have plenty of diapers and wipes for my two little ones at least!) My wonderful friends did take some pictures for me so when I get them I will post them, I did steal that one picture from Tricia's blog!

Oh, I almost forgot, after our trip I found this little "story" Hailey had made on a piece of paper folded like a book. I tried to keep the capitalization/punctuation true to her writing, but The Beauty and The Beast was underlined and I had to italisize it:

My Sleepover Day! (cover with a picture of a bunk bed)

One day I had a sleepover I slept there 3 nights the people were: Me (Hailey), Hailie, Dorothy, Wendi, Ally, Natalie (sisters) The 1st night we Played and Just slept the 2nd Night was a lot the same but we also went to see the beauty and the beast The 3rd Night We played went swimming went outside and played work shop!

all the days we Slept and Played and went Somewhere

p.s. I had to bribe her with a piece of candy and tell her I would share any comments with her to let me share her story!


Emily K. said...

That was SO cute. Looks like you have a writer on your hands.

Love that tree picture, WOW!

Janae -- Thoughts in Vinyl said...

I love finding stories that Bridger has written too. It is so much fun to see what their minds come up with.