Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 5

This week is kind of crazy to me because honestly these first pictures feel like they could have been taken a month ago, not last weekend! Here we go with another week of pictures!

Saturday January 29-We were back out to Allan's parent's house to watch a basketball game. The kids had ice cream cones and Brayden really enjoyed his! The best part was Allan's dad was the one who cleaned him up after this!
Sunday January 30-Here are my kids after church at Allan's parent's again. I very rarely get the kids matching outfits because with 5 kids it gets EXPENSIVE! and honestly most of my kids clothes are hand me downs so I take what I get! I got these on sale and used Gymbucks to get them even cheaper and I love them! This picture is awesome because all of the kids are looking and smiling, but after I posted it I realized Brayden's undershirt is showing and Lilly has a sticker on her forehead. Oh well! ALSO this morning I gave Brayden his first hair cut but since only one picture makes the cut you can see the difference best if you look above and at Tuesday's picture! :)
Monday January 31-Part of the reason this week has seemed super long is because Sunday night I had a tummy ache and couldn't sleep. I did okay during the day and when the kids got home I decided we should go bowling for FHE because we haven't had a "just fun family night" in a long time. As we were all getting ready to go my tummy started really hurting and I had to tell the kids we wouldn't be going bowling. This was a big disappointment as you can imagine, so I told them we could play bowling on the Wii for FHE instead with the promise that we would go bowling soon. They weren't too happy with the substitution but we had fun anyway.
Tuesday February 1-So Monday night once again I couldn't sleep because my tummy hurt SO bad. At about 4:00 a.m. Allan suggested I go to Redicare so I could get feeling better before he had to go to work. The doctor said my stomach was full of air/gas. At 5:30 I came home feeling better from the pain meds they gave me, but not better about the fact that I didn't know what was causing my tummy ache. I was able to get a little bit of sleep though so that was good. I still wanted to know what was wrong though so I called up my doctor and made an appointment to go in and meet with him. He thinks something may be wrong with my gallbladder, still working on that problem, but I am able to control the tummy ache most of the time by not eatting fatty foods. ANYWAY! Back to the picture of the day: Zoe brought us some cookies because she knew I wasn't feeling well. They were sitting on the table not to far from Brayden's chair and he climbed up onto the table to get some more. His mouth is full and he still has part of a cookie in his left hand while grabbing for another with his right. I guess he liked them!
Wednesday February 2-Lilly has this thing about wearing pants inside our house, SHE WON'T! The minute we walk in through the door she drops her pants in the hallway by the door. She seems just fine to put them back on when we are going somewhere, but if you stop by and she doesn't have clothes on, don't be surprised!
Thursday February 3-Allyson is always complaining about a tummy ache, usually at convenient times like when she doesn't want to wake up in the morning or if I ask her to do her chores or practice piano, so I haven't worried too much about it. This morning she was really crying about it and so I decided to take her into the doctor. (the same one I had seen earlier in the week) He ran some blood work and had her get a X-ray of her belly. The blood came back normal and the X-ray showed that she had air in her bowels, a sign that things aren't moving through as efficiently as they should be. Right now we have been giving her a laxitive everyday (which she loves because she thinks it makes her juice sweeter!?! whatever) and she has been feeling much better.
Friday February 4- Lilly and Natalie decided to make a bunk bed out of my bookshelves. They are very cute each day playing together while the other kids are at school. Notice Lilly of course doesn't have clothes on!


Nat said...

I love your kids' matching outfits-even Brayden! That's awesome. I'm sorry about your tummy thing-my dad just had his gall bladder removed right before Christmas, but it made him feel way better. I'll have to ask him who his doctor was, because he had one before that was dumber than rocks.

Nat said...

Okay, what I meant was "even Brayden matches your girls!" I re-read it and it didn't make sense the way I wrote it.