Tuesday, February 22, 2011


For Brayden's birthday I made him 2 ball cakes, one for all of us to eat, and one for the birthday boy!
Brayden loves sports, I know that seems silly to say at 1, but it is true! He went to all of the BYU football games with us and he would just sit on my lap and watch the game. He loves to watch sports on TV too. I think it's a genetic trait for Staker boys or something? So, ball cakes seemed a perfect fit for this little sports fan!
Blowing out his candle, he of course wanted to grab the fire.
Getting started.
Yea for cake!
This is awesome!
All done, time to throw it on the floor.
One happy ONE year old!
After cake, Brayden had a bath and then he got this rocking horse for his birthday present. He wasn't really too sure about it at first, but he loves it now!

Brayden is such a happy baby! I often say he is my reward for Lilly! hehe. Seriously though, unless he is tired or hungry or has a stinky diaper he never cries. He walks around our house exploring or playing with his sisters and I hardly even know he is here. Brayden was our earliest walker, walking 2 days before he turned 10 months old. He loves to climb on things. He loves cuddles but just quick ones. He often will walk up to someone get a little hug and then walk away going on about his business. He doesn't like being kept in one place and wants to be free to do whatever he wants. He hates it when doors are shut and will knock on any shut door until someone comes to open it. He has been able to climb stairs since he was about 6 months old, and is just now starting to figure out how to go down (doesn't quite have it yet.) The funny thing is he can get off of really high things like our bed, couches, chairs and things like that by sliding off feet first, but he won't go down the stairs the same way. He is such a smiley baby and is always quick to laugh. Since he was first laughing he has done that catching his breath inhale laugh, it cracks me up! Brayden never took a binky like his sisters. To go to sleep he shoves his blanket in his mouth and chews on it. I love having a boy for so many reasons I didn't even realize when we had all girls and I can't wait to keep learing about this little boy!

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