Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I don't really love this picture, one of the kids took it when we were bowling a couple of weeks ago, at least Brayden looks cute! So last year I posted that my goal was to lose 40 lbs and get to 130 before my birthday. I made it to 136 losing 34 pounds. I think that's pretty good, and I think I would have made it if I hadn't had surgery last Monday, well, at least it would have been close! This is as light as I have been since I graduated from high school and stopped dancing every day (can you say "freshman 15" more like 20 really) I did get this low one other time between Natalie and Lilly maybe even down a couple pounds from where I am now. I still have this goal in mind and once I can start working out again I hope to lose those last 6 pounds. BY THE WAY, has anyone else noticed that it's really hard to lose the last 10 pounds? Forget The Biggest Loser, I think they should have a show about that where you get to go on and lose those stubborn pounds and then get a makeover or something! haha! Anyway, here is my picture from last year:
This year I have a goal that is more spiritual in nature. I want to have personal scripture study everyday. This was on my list of New Years Resolutions too, and it hasn't happened regularly yet. I don't know why that is so hard for me, we have been really good for a long time at reading as a family, I just have to make it a priority! I think it was last year for awhile, Allan and I wouldn't get on the computer until our personal scripture study was done, I guess I should go back to that!


triciathomas said...

You look great!!! I am so impressed with all your hard work and I hear ya on the last 10 pounds!! I have 4 more to go before our cruise (and then gain it all back cause I am eating like a king!) Happy Birthday to a wonderful mother, beautiful lady and sweet friend!

Maria said...

Ok so now I am following your blog girl! Good for you on the weight loss! You look the same as I remember you and I think it's been 11 years since then! Your family is so beautiful. So just lost 10 pounds and I need to loose 10 more to get to my pre-Zac weight. Maybe if I feel some competition with you it will help! ;) Good luck!

Rachel said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! You look fantastic.