Friday, February 18, 2011

Fantastic 5!

Our little Princess Natalie turned 5. She of course wanted a princess party. These were her invitations:

She wanted cupcakes with yellow frosting, which really surprised me because she is OBSESSED with pink! I found some little princess toppers to put on them.

She invited some of her princess friends, I wanted to keep it small and simple so she only got to pick 4 friends.

They dressed up and played Pretty Pretty Princess. Natalie had some other games she wanted to play but we didn't get to them because I just let them play dress up for awhile.

I made PB&J with fruit kebabs and pink marshmallows.

We opened presents, there was an overwhelming theme of art supplies!
Also princess hair which went wonderfully with her new Repunzel dress.

This princess music CD maybe her very favorite thing (although it's hard to say, she loved everything!) we listen to it in the car everywhere we go now.

More fun painting stuff!
After her party it was time to go to preschool. This was her new birthday outfit all the way down to her shoes.
Later that night she got to open up a few more presents from our family.
Here are some things about Natalie at 5!
Natalie is a princess through and through.
She is our girly girl more than any of the others.
She likes to be served and waited on.
She does not like doing chores!
She likes things her way, and she doesn't like being told no!
She loves pretty things and dressing up and wearing makeup.
She says her favorite princess is Rapunzel and Cinderella and Belle and all of the princesses!
She loves to be in the spotlight.
At ballet they play a game called Sleeping Beauty and everyone pretends to be asleep and one princess gets to wake up and do a solo and then wake another girl up and go to sleep. Natalie loves her solo time, she dances and watches herself in the mirror and streches it out as long as she can.
She is graceful and has a stage presence that everyone notices.
Something kind of silly about Natalie is she loves to be on her head, for example, she watches TV with her head on the couch and her feet in the air. I remember doing this as a little girl too.
Natalie loves to sing, all day long she goes about doing her activities singing as she goes. She loves princess songs and primary songs especially. For a good portion of the last year her favorite song has been, "I Love to See the Temple" and she sings it all the time.
She loves her friends.
Natalie loves to eat. She is a tiny little thing but she eats all day long. As soon as she finishes one thing she asks for something else and is always wondering what is for our next meal.
Natalie is a teaser. She loves to tease her siblings and frustrate anyone she can.
Natalie is always right....just ask her!

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Jamie said...

Kristy- I love how simple and sweet your birthday parties are :) Good ideas!