Thursday, February 25, 2010

Presidents Day Weekend

Can you guess where we went?It seems like all of my trips are quick these days! Since a week before Allan graduated (May 2007) I have gone to 3 weddings and my high school reunion all resulting in less than a week away from home! Another interesting fact is that I was pregnant on 3 of those trips.
This trip was no different, Brayden and I flew to California on Saturday and flew home on Monday, all to see my awesome cousin Laura and her family. Laura's husband Doug is in the Air Force and has been stationed in Germany for almost a year. When they found out they were going to be coming to California on leave I was disappointed because the timing was really bad for me, but I found a way to go and see them anyway with the help of my parents who let me use a flight voucher and my mom stayed in CA to pick me up and chauffeur me around, and also my amazing husband who stayed home with the four girls, and got them ready for church all by himself!
I had a wonderful time hanging out with everyone. Besides Laura, Doug and the kids(Grant, Levi, and Ezra), we also got to see her parents (Aunt Linda and Uncle Kevin) and sister (Briana) and twin brothers (Dayan and Devin), and her other sister and her family (Lacie, Jessie, and their kids Elliot, Sophia and Ruthie) . Here's the kicker, all 15 of them were staying in Lacie's 3 bedroom condo! A brave bunch to say the least, good thing they all love eachother! On Saturday we went shopping at Ontario Mills and on Sunday we went to San Dimas Canyon Park and had a picnic for Valentines Day. The funny thing is this is a park I grew up going to all the time but Jessie and Doug were so excited because they "discovered this cool new park."
I also squeezed in some time to see two of my best friends Beth (and her daughter Kayla) and Natalie on Saturday night, and went to church in the ward I grew up in on Sunday morning. It was fun returning "home" and seeing everyone, and strange how the ward was practically the same with a few new faces. Another weird thing was hearing about the kids I used to babysit being on missions, being in college and getting married, although those people I used to babysit for were all pretty shocked that I could have 5 kids as well.

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Janae -- Thoughts in Vinyl said...

That would be fun to go back to your home ward after so long.