Thursday, February 11, 2010

Natalie is Four!

Natalie actually turned four 6 days before I had Brayden, and I was so busy trying to get everything ready that I never posted about her birthday. Natalie is our little princess. She loves everything girly: dressing up, makeup, accessories, shoes, pink, etc. She informs us, she would like to be a princess when she grows up and marry a prince. She thinks when I say things like go clean up, I could not possibly be talking to her, that's what her servants (Hailey and Ally) are for. She is a master at finding out what will bug her sisters and then doing it. Natalie can also be very sweet and loving and she is pretty much too cute for her own good!
On Sunday (between the birthdays), we celebrated both Ally's and Natalie's birthdays at Grandma Staker's house. Aunt Robin made special cupcakes for the occasion.
Natalie has been wanting to go to Leo's for her birthday for a very long time.
We invited her cousins Ty and Matthew to come along with us. They are just a few months older than Natalie.
The next day preschool was at my house and so I planned a birthday party for Natalie during school. Natalie also wanted to invite two of her best friends Sarah and Savanna (who both live "in our backyard" as the kids would say)
Natalie of course wanted a princess party, but since there are 4 boys in her preschool, I tried to nutralize the party as much as possible. We made crowns and played games like Freeze Waltz, Hot Balloon, and Frog, Frog, Prince!
Then we had cupcakes and opened presents. Natalie had such a great time with her friends.
After the party Ally came home from school and Spencer and Hadley came over while Zoe went to help in Maddie's class and they threw all of the balloons into the bottom of the stairs and played in them and then popped them all. It was great fun.
Natalie asks me almost everyday when her other birthday is and I let her know it will be her birthday again on January 13. She gets very excited about this, too bad 11 months in kid time is a very long way away!

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James and Tricia Thomas said...

Wow you really stacked the deck on January birthdays!!! Super Mom!!!