Sunday, September 21, 2008

Still Alive...

So I have wanted to blog about so many things over the past however long it has been since I last posted, but life has been so crazy I just haven't had time. Here are some of the events of the last little bit...
1. My Washer is not working, this actually happened on Saturday 2 weeks ago, but anyway, here's what happened: woke up and put a load in and then, F-20 Water intake problem, tried to fix it myself, called a repair guy, diagnosed it, didn't have the right part, ordered it, did some laundry at my cute sister-in-law's house, waited, came and fixed it 13 days after initial problem, put another load in worked fine, 2nd load...F-20, called repair guy said he couldn't come back until he had another work order, called company for work order, said they couldn't do anything till the old order cleared out of the system and to call back in 24 hours, got mad, left for Utah, am back now, still no washer :(
2. Went to 3 BYU games in wich we DISTROYED the other teams. Okay, technically the first one was in August, but you get the point. The last two Saturday's we have had back to back shut outs against UCLA and Wyoming. Allan and I have awesome tickets, we sit at about the 45 yard line and in the last row of the bottom bowl. Allan's family has 8 tickets together right there. We love these seats, we are high enough to have a great view of the field and are on the back row so we don't have people climbing over us constantly. Now for the kicker, each game we have unlimited access to an air-conditioned tent for a huge buffet before the game with a different featured item each game, salads, carved meats, drinks, ice cream, and desserts...oooohhhhh the desserts...white and dark chocolate fountains with strawberries and bananas and pineapple and marshmallows and pretzels, fudge, chocolate and sugar cookies with white chocolate/creamcheese and fruit topping, then at our seats we get a little bag with water and snacks and a free drink coupon, then at half-time, we go back to the tent for hot dogs, brats, popcorn, and more chocolate fountain and desserts, then durring the third quarter they bring us ice cream to our seats, then after the game we cam go to the tent for veggies and dip and cookies and brownies and milk. The tent also has big screen tv's throughout so we can watch the game, other games, and the post game. We take Lilly to the games and the older kids get to hang out with my parent's who live in Lehi.
3. Ally started a neighborhood preschool and last week it was at my house. We are rotating each week so for 5 of the weeks she goes to another house. The theme was language and we did lots of fun things like make pictures of the kids and had them practice telling about themselves, did rhyming and nursery rhymes, practiced folowing directions and had a treasure hunt, catagorized different things by color and type of things and more, and now I am just happy it will not be here for 6 more weeks because it was a lot of work.
4. Started a foods class at BYU-I. My education has been a really interesting journey. I started off as a ElEd major and then after a year and a half took a 7 year hiatus. When I went back I decided to do PPE (preschool) but then decided I didn't want to do that either, and changed to Family and Consumer Science Education Composite (a fancy way to say Home Ec) Anyway, I have been taking 1 class a semester and in about 20 years I may have a degree.
5. Hailey lost her first tooth. Funny story: She lost her tooth at school, and the teacher put it in a baggie that she insisted on carrying around with her all over the place. Her and Ally were out swinging and Hailey dropped the baggie and told Ally to pick it up. Ally held it upside-down and said tooth fell out. Much crying. That night I helped her write a note to the tooth fairy and we put it under her pillow. So in the morning I went in to wake her up for school and told her to check and see if the tooth fairy came. She found a dollar, and kept looking through the blankets and sheets and asked me to look on the floor and see if anything fell down there. I assured her that the tooth fairy probably only left a dollar. It was the funniest response.

6. I canned more green beans and tomatoes. We have now gotten about 30 quarts of green beans and 25 quarts of tomatoes from our garden.

So anyway, between being mom and school and preschool and trips to Provo, it has been a crazy couple of weeks. This week my goal is to re-potty-train Nataile. We will see how that goes. I also have to help out in Hailey's and Ally's classes.


Is This My Life? said...

No fair taking the url "drstakerfamily"! No worries, mine isn't really a "family" website as much as just mine. I recognize some of those pictures on your website - its my ugly backyard. Now that it is much cooler, and by cooler I mean around 100 degrees, I have started to "clean it up." Its amazing what 4 kids, neighbor kids, 3 dogs, and a husband that doesn't help will do to a yard. Anyway, I am glad I found your blog. I *just* started, so I only have one post. But hopefully I will post regularly, mostly just for me. =)

Nat said...

Wow, you guys have been busy! That's such a cute picture of Lilly in her little BYU outfit! I really should start a garden, but I don't think I'd be able to keep anything alive.

FrogleyMom said...

So, what's the plan for the Homecoming game next week? I don't have your e-mail, or phone number anymore... so this is the only way I have to get a hold of you. :)