Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A NOT So Lovely Morning

The Scene: My Bedroom
The Time: 4:30 am
I am already up, feeding the baby for the 2nd or 3rd time, (I have stopped keeping track for my own sanity)
Hailey shows up at the door. I say, "come on in and lie down." I keep feeding the baby, but am thinking, "man, this kid smells like pulled pork (dinner) did we not wash her up after dinner or what?" I get up and put the baby back in bed and Hailey drops the bomb.
"Mom, I threw up in my bed."
I think, "This is information I could have used before I asked you to lie down in my bed," but I say, "okay, I'll go check it out, why don't you go change your jammies and get a drink of water."
I go into their room, Natalie is asleep on the floor, I am not quite sure why, Ally is asleep in the bottom bunk, I look to see if Hailey had been sleeping with Ally or on the top bunk. She was on the top bunk. I assess the damage.
Hailey had thrown up twice, once down the side of the bed and the other time right in the middle of her bed. There is throw up on 3 sheets, 2 mattresses, down the wall, 1 pillow, one blanket, one turtle and all of it's clothes, and in the bed rails. Ally is crying, and I ask her what's wrong.
"My tummy hurts"
"Are you going to throw up?"
"What's wrong?"
"I'm thirsty"
Okay, that is fixable, I go and get her a drink, and she is back asleep.
I move Ally to Natalie's bed and leave Natalie on the floor. Took off all of the sheets and blankets and threw them in the bath tub. Wipe up all of the excess throw up with dry paper towels, get some wet rags and scrub the mattresses and walls and bed rails, rinse out the sheets and start the washer, and clean out the bath tub.
Well, I am up now, I look at the clock: 6:00, what a wonderful start to my day...Now that I am done bloging about it (in not nearly as creative a way as Nat of The Nat Pack could do) I am going to go get my family breakfast and start on the rest of the day. Wish me luck!

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Nat said...

OH! I HATE barf nights!! I'm so sorry! And all the extra laundry on top of all the normal laundry! Ugh. Again, I'm so sorry. I hope your girls start feeling better, and I hope you get some rest sometime today. (Do you have mattress covers? The plastic thingeys? Those have been life savers for our household.)