Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Picture Day!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE: I am blogging about something the day it happened!

TODAY is picture day at school, and while I am not ordering any pictures (because they are too expensive and we are having family pictures done next week) I still wanted my kids to look nice for their school pictures of course. I was planning on having to drive them to school, but they were super speedy and we were done in plenty of time to catch the bus...only I forgot to make their sandwich (had already packed the rest) and had to send their lunch with a neighbor, lucky for me I have awesome friends!
I kind of cheated and did a messy side bun for Hailey so I wouldn't have to curl her hair! BUT it will show off her newly pierced ears. Yesterday she came home and picked out her clothes for the pictures, she is really coming into her own style this year.
Ally lost two teeth this weekend just in time for picture day, adding to the one she lost a couple of weeks ago makes for the PERFECT first grade toothless smile and I love it! This little girl is so full of personality I can't get enough of her.
It was so cute I told her to take her backpack off for the picture and Dawson rushed over to hold her backpack for her. These two are so cute together! Ally says Dawson always lets her be in front of him in line, they walk home from the bus together and he always makes sure Ally is taken care of. If they really grow up and get married someday like they say they will, I think Ally will be a lucky girl.

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Jamie said...

That Ally and Dawson are just adorable. So so sweet. I remember you blogging about them awhile ago.
Haily is really growing up! She's such a pretty girl.