Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a little of this and a little of that (a.k.a. pictures from Jean's camera!)

Just Hanging Out
A few times in the summer we go over to the Staker's house and play on the waterslide and have dinner and roast marshmallows. It is so much fun and I love having so much family so close.
More Staker Family Reunion
These are the pictures I took on my MIL's camera from our Staker Family Reunion
We started the reunion off by going to our ward luau, it was so much fun!
The girls took some pictures with some of the dancers.
Hailey and Ally wanted to take pictures with some of the little girls too.
Then we roasted marshmallows and camped out in the backyard.
And here we are at Ross Park the next day.
Every year we head up to the cabin for our Parker Family Reunion. This year was lots of fun, although our numbers were few (for Parkers)
This is the kids playing "Fox and Geese" a tag game.
Poor Lilly looks so beat up, the week before we went she tripped and hit her cheek on the couch and then while we were at the cabin she fell off the slide and got this huge goose egg on her forehead.
Here we are gathering around the fire roasting hot dogs and s'mores while the kids play.
We drove up to Sawtelle and hiked around a bit.
Here is Amber with Ally (above) and Hailey (below)
All of the kids overlooking Henry's Lake.
Allan, Dave, Kylee and I hiked out a little farther. It was really beautiful up there.
Back at the cabin there is a little creek that the kids like to play in and catch frogs.
Me and the kids waiting for dinner. Poor Brayden gets strangled more than he would like.
Talk about kissing cousins, Ally and Asa had a little "wedding" in the garage.

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