Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summer Slim Down-Biggest Loser Competition

Hello Everyone! In an attempt to motivate myself and my husband, I have decided to start a friendly biggest loser competition. Here's some basics on how it will be run. It's going to be on your honor and no weight loss enhancers, just diet and exercise.

1. It will be an 8 week competition running from April 19-June 13 based on % body weight lost.
2. Anyone wishing to participate turn in your starting weight and $20 to me by Sunday April 18th at midnight either by phone or e-mail.
3. There will be 4 weigh ins total, one every other week: May 2, 16, and 30, and June 13. You can weigh yourself anytime Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and turn in your weight by Sunday at midnight.
3. Weigh yourself on the same scale wearing the same thing each time, no shoes. (or close to, i.e. shorts and a t-shirt)
4. For each of the 3 weigh ins prior to the final, a $10 prize will be awarded to the person with the highest % weight loss during that 2 weeks.
4. Anyone who loses a total of 10% or more of their body weight will get $10 back.
6. At the final weigh in, the top 3 people will get the rest of the prize money divided 50%-first place, 30%-second place, and 20%-3rd place.

This is open to all my friends/family and their friends, it doesn't matter where you live. I will be the only person who knows the actual weights and will only send out information with everyone's % weight lost.

So tell anyone you know who might be interested, the more people we get, the higher the prize money will be and everyone has the chance to get at least half of their money back! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail or call me.


Emily said...

It would be a very bad thing for me to lose 10% of my current body weight... but Dave might want to join in... I'll ask him. :)

The Staker Family said...

I know you shouldn't be losing any weight! I think it would be great if Dave wanted to join! Aunt Linda is going to do it with me too!