Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Happenings-Part 1

I was looking at our pictures and realized, there is a lot I haven't blogged about lately. So I figured I should post some pictures and a little update. This is part one because I have also been forgetting my camera a lot and have been borrowing Allan's parents so I have to borrow their card and get some more pictures on here!
Way back (I think sometime in February) we had a Barnes and Noble fundraiser and my kids sang. Above is a picture I took of Ally after they were done singing and if you look below you will see why.
One of the disadvantages of having short kids is that you can't see them in a crowd. For some reason they never plan out performances very well and my kids are always behind really tall kids! This is the best picture I got of Ally over that kid's shoulder!
So when Hailey's class was filing in I took a picture of her before the tall kid came and stood in front of her. lol. Luckily she was on the end and we were on that side so she kind of directed her performance towards us.
Here's a little bit about Lilly....
Lilly is a little mischievous. On this particular day she used the step stool to climb up on the counter and get herself a piece of bread.
Then she grabbed a plate and sat down on the counter to have a little snack.
Lilly loves her brother, I can't really keep her away from him. I have found her in his crib, if he is on the floor she is always on top of him, and when he is in the swing she opens it up to give him loves.
Another day I put her hair in her first full ponytail. It's really hard to get a picture of the ponytail from the front so here are two views. this was towards the end of the day so it's falling out a little bit.
Lilly has been on this no diaper kick. I put her in a onsie to sleep, but it doesn't seem to make a difference!
Really she is on a no clothes at all kick, she loves to strip down and walk around in just her boots for some reason.
Hailey, Ally, and Natalie's ballet did a performance in March. This is one of the times I forgot my camera so I only have a picture of Hailey because she was in the evening performance as well as the matinee so I took my camera then. I will post pictures of Ally and Natalie soon.
Now a little bit about the boys...
I just thought that picture was so cute, I workout every morning at 6 with a couple of girls. One day I heard Brayden crying while we were working out. When I finished I found Allan and him like this.
Brayden has the saddest little sad face. This is my attempt at capturing it, in real life it's even sadder than this.
Allan turned 31! We had a couple of our very best friends, the Laytons and The Pettingills over to help us celebrate. Allan isn't a huge fan of cake so instead I made Tuxedo Brownie Bites. I made Allan a super big one for his "birthday cake"
As you can see he is very upset about turning 31. Okay, not really, but this was a funny look, you can see by the next picture he has some serious mood swings!
This was the morning after the Easter Bunny came to our house, as you can tell Lilly wasn't quite ready to see what she got.
Lilly quickly warmed up when she saw her sisters going through their baskets. By the way incase you are wondering, it's really hard to get a picture of all 5 kids looking let alone smiling at the camera. After about 20 pictures this one actually has them all looking. Maybe soon I will learn to photo shop and can fix it so the best face of each of them is the one you see.
And lastly another lovely surprise this morning! I don't know how well you can actually see, but this is the walkway up to our house, the show drift was over a foot high!
I opened up the door in the back to get a picture of the back yard and had a lovely present!
And Meesa, yes this is our back yard, two of our neighbors don't have fences which works out greatly to our advantage. The second swing set is in the back neighbors yard, and the neighbors to the side have a sand box. This added to the fact that their families have 5 and 3 kids makes for an instant park in the back yard complete with friends to play with!
So, if you are still reading I guess you stuck out my rediculously long blog. Make sure to come back for part 2 which promises more pictures from the Ballet, an Easter Egg Hunt, Allan and his sister Jeni celebrating their birthdays together, and a picture of my kids with my Grandparents from our trip to Utah for Easter and maybe more!

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Shaunna said...

Love the picture of Lily! I suppose, if your feet are warm, it doesn't really matter what the rest of you is wearing.