Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend Getaway!

We took our very good friends The Layton's up to the Parker Family Cabin a couple of weekends after school started. We had such a great time. We went up Friday night and got settled in pretty late and chatted even later.On Saturday we went to Cliff Lake, this awesome lake totally hidden away in this beautiful little mountain valley. We took up some canoes and lunch and spent the day wading in the like and canoeing about. There is also a fun rope swing that Allan went on lots of times, Ally braved once, and even Arin and I had a go at it. Allan unfortunately on his last swing of the day was pretty tired and kind of fell weird and broke his middle finger on his right hand. (Not great when you are right handed and a dentist.) We went back to the cabin and roasted up some hot dogs and s'mores, gave the kids baths, and played games. Unfortunately these pictures of Lilly and Natalie sleeping are all I have to show for the day. I am hoping maybe Arin will share the pictures she took as well!On Sunday morning we had breakfast and cleaned up the cabin and headed home. We stopped at Big Springs, this natural spring that is protected and has huge fish that we go and feed. We decided to walk over to the cabin and take a look around, but were stopped by two moose! It was a cow and her calf coming down to the spring to have a drink. To tell you the truth, I am pretty sure they were cooler than anything we were going to see in that cabin on the other side of the spring!
**Just a side note, Allan headed off with his dad and nephew to go hunting this weekend (not for these moose) so I have had a bit of extra time and posted several blogs so keep on reading!
***Just another side note, I really love getting comments, so feel free to comment away!


Geoff and Joy said...

since you LOVE comments, I am leaving one. So jealous that you saw those moose so close, and got pictures. I was in Jackson Hole a few years ago with my dad, and I really wanted to spot a moose. Well, we did, but it was late in the afternoon, it was getting dark, they weren't that close, and the pictures came out too dark. bummer. Glad you had better luck!!

James and Tricia Thomas said...

Cool picture of the moose! That sucks about Allan's finger! I always freak out when James is doing anything with his hands that might endanger them! Those things are worth a lot of $$!!

Amber Brooke said...

I should give you the award since it's you who inspired me. Did you notice that I added pictures of my kids with captions just like yours? I thought that was a great idea! By the way, sorry about Allan's finger. Stinkerbeans! Very cool pic of the moose!