Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Days of School

Well, still no family reunion, on Sunday I got the CD's of pictures from the Staker's house together, and then left them by the door. So, as not to get too much further behind, we are moving on to School Days.

This is Hailey and Ally (and Natalie jumped in there) ready for their first day of school this year.

The weather cooperated nicely and was a little cooler for their first day back so they wore some of their new school clothes and I didn't have to feel like I was over-dressing them.

Hailey is going into second grade this year. She is getting so big. She really enjoys reading chapter books, especially the Junie B. series. She is also great at math and pretty much every subject there is!
Here she is heading off for the school bus. The kindergartners don't ride the bus for the first three days so it was just her from our family.
Ally is starting kindergarten! She is already reading very well and is excited to learn more. There are going to be a lot more pictures of Ally than the rest because after all kindergarten is a big deal!
In this picture Ally is waiting with some of the other kindergartners on our street to go into their classroom. (You read right, all of these kids live on our street(about 14 houses total). There is also one other kindergartner on our street but he goes to a different school, and there is another kindergartner who lives in the house almost behind ours, and I have been told there is one other kindergartner but I don't know him if this is true.)
Ally sat between our neighbor Dawson and our neighbor Brylee. Across from her were Tyler, Mitchell, and Gabe (not in this picture). In total there are at least 7 kids from our ward in her class and a few in the other classes! Have I mentioned lately how much I love our neighborhood!

Natalie is doing 2 preschools. The first is a neighborhood one that the mom's rotate teaching. She was not too keen on picture taking that first morning!

This is all of the kids waiting to be picked up after school.

Natalie's other preschool is a district run program at an elementary school a few minutes from our house. (not the one the big girls go to) She was a little more cooperative with the camera that day!

I thought maybe things would slow down a little bit now that the girls are back in school, but boy was I wrong! Between school, homework, piano practicing and lessons, soccer, ballet, church, BYU games, exercising, doctor appointments, canning, crafting, and everything else, we have been busier than ever. I am hoping now that soccer season is finished, canning is almost done (I need to make some spaghetti sauce with the tomatoes that are ripining in my garage and then I will be finished) and there are only two more football games we will have a little more time, but with the holidays coming that is probably wishful thinking!


James and Tricia Thomas said...

Looks like a sucessful first day of school!! You are amazing with all the things you have planned!! Today I am planning on watching some tv and eating!

Finally his wife! said...

I enjoy reading your blog you have been awarded ...head over to my blog to see!