Friday, October 30, 2009

Funny Story

So this is Dawson and Ally. Dawson lives next door to us and he is such a fun little boy. Ally loves Dawson, and Dawson loves Ally. They have been saying for about a year now that they are going to get married when they grow up. I have heard reports of kissing, and I know they hold hands while they run around the back yard and now school.

A few weeks ago, when they were getting off the kindergarten bus the bus driver was talking to Dawson's mom, and then called me over. Evidently, she does not let boys and girls sit next to each other on the bus and so Ally and Dawson had the idea to sit across from each other and hold hands across the aisle. The bus driver told them they couldn't because it was safety hazard, and had to ask them to stop several times and so she was asking us to please talk to them.

I talked to her, BUT I think this is hilarious! Ally and Dawson are both affectionate and loving kids by nature and they weren't trying to be disobedient. And really if kids holding hands on the bus are the biggest problem I think we are doing okay!

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Jamie said...

I agree!
It's really very sweet.