Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Break

When I opened my garage door, at Noon today, this was what I saw. Granted I took it at an angle to really see the snow, but there was like 6 inches! I guess instead of pouting we should go out and make a last snowman of the year or have a snow ball fight because it is really sticky wet snow.The kids were out of school Friday through Wednesday for Spring Break. On Friday I packed up the school's book fair in the morning and Allan's Sister Jeni and Brother David came to visit so we started scrapbooking Disney and then went out to dinner at Plum Loco (by the way it is really yummy mexican food) with his whole family. Saturday was our ward's Spring Super Saturday and I only got to stay for half because I had to get back to scrapbooking. Grandma Staker took the kids and dad's to Monsters vs. Aliens while the mom's scrapbooked. Sunday we went to church and then over to spend a couple more hours with David and his kids before they had to leave for Boise. Sunday also started the rediculous weather that we have been having this week, there was a literal blizzard and in the morning Monday there was a sheet of ice over all of the roads several inches thick. It melted by noon. Since then it has been snowing and melting and snowing and melting and snowing some more. On Monday I went over to my friend Arin's house and we made these cute Easter Wreaths while the kids played. I am so glad that our kids play so well together, it makes it easy for us to do fun things together!
On Tuesday I met Allan's cousin's wife and kids for lunch at Leo's. These are just a couple pictures of the girls being silly. I had felt sick on Monday night, and then it really hit me after we got home from Leo's and I spent Wednesday in bed. Luckilly Allan took the day off to help with the kids so I didn't even come out of my room most of the day.
I was thinking we didn't do much and I didn't have much to blog about but I guess I was wrong, it really was a pretty good little break.


The Heggies! said...

Plum Loco! That is my favorite mexican food ever. Everytime I go to Idaho I have to eat there. You just made me extremely jealous! I have started working on your present, but I might not get it to you till July cause I am coming to Idaho and I will probably just bring it with me. It would be fun to see you!

Jamie said...

I love that Easter wreath! What a great idea. Sorry you have so much snow. :(

James and Tricia Thomas said...

Crazy weather!! Glad you had a good break!

Jodi said...

You gotta love the weather these days. Yikes!

I usually blame sickness on Leo's, but not usually for the mommies! Hope you are feeling better.

We ventured to Blast off on Thurs. and Rider was throwing up all Friday night. You know me--very suspicious of all germs. I don't think I can bring myself to go back. I can't ban Leo's because it is Austin's favorite place next to Disney Land!