Friday, April 3, 2009

Christmas in....April???

Christmas is another thing that never got blogged about with our busy December and January.

We had a really nice Christmas. The first event was the school's Christmas Program.

Here is Jaden singing and dancing.

Hailey and her "All I Want For Christmas" Smile

Jared above and Justin below.

My mom always has to work on either Christmas or Christmas Eve, so my parents came up to spend the weekend before Christmas with us. They brought lots of presents including cameras for Hailey and Ally (big hit) and a Leapster for Natalie (the other girls got them last Christmas)

I took pictures with their camera that night and so they are not on this computer,
maybe I will add them later.

Our Christmas began (of course) by seeing what Santa had brought!

This year we took each of the kids to the dollar store and had them pick out presents for eachother. It worked out wonderfully because the kids not only got to learn about giving, but also had 3 extra presents to open.

Here is Lilly enjoying her new ball!

Aunt Robin was nice enough to make Hailey Ally and Natalie Scripture Bags for church. After opening all of the presents we headed out to Allan's Parent's House for a Staker Family Gathering! Allan is the baby of six so we always have lots of fun getting together with his BIG family. This year Jonathan's and David's families were not able to be there.
Here is Hailey showing off some of her new makeup.

Allan's parents always get everyone new pajamas and the last two years they have had a Disney theme in honnor of our upcomming vacation!

This year we also got Disney Scrapbooks so we could all Scrapbook our vacations. We actually did this last Saturday but I didn't take any pictures, darn it!

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