Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hailey's Back in School!

Well, there were many mixed emotions as I sent my Hailey off to the first grade this morning. First of all I was excited for her, she is truly one of the big kids now, going to school all day long, eating lunch at school, and homework every night (acording to the paper at back-to-school night) And I was excited to have a break from her and for her to get a break from me and her sisters. (they have been bickering a lot these last few weeks, it's time) But then, a little saddness crept in there, 7 long hours away from home 5 days a week!

This seems like a good time to write a little bit about Hailey. She is an amazing child, so smart and inquisitive, I know she will do great in school this year. She is a big helper around the house and I know that even though I send them all in to clean their bed room and toy room, it is Hailey who will be doing most of the work. She loves to be organized and to catagorize her things. PaPa Burt bought her a first grade math book a few months ago, and she has poured over it wanting to learn more. She is working on her reading, and can do really well when she doesn't doubt herself.

Hailey is so excited to be in a class with all of her great friends from last year and to have new people in her class too. Alexis lives on our street and will be in her class this year!Hailey loves recognition for the good things she does, when she gets it her smile is amazing. She is an oldest child through and through, which means she can be bossy and stuborn, but also means that she is responsible and trustworthy. Each night when we are reading our scriptures we ask questions about what we are reading, and almost always Hailey is right there with the correct answers. She loves the gospel and going to primary and singing songs and is anxious to learn more and to be baptized in a couple more years.
She can be a little bit shy and quiet, but she loves her sisters and her friends and her teachers and well, just about everyone. She needs a lot of love and encouragement to build her confidence and I hope that I can always give that too her. She is always thinking about others, and often, if I give her a choice first, she will think about which one her sisters would choose and leave that for them. Everyone who meets Hailey loves her, she is a very special girl.
On a different subject, what did I do after Hailey got on the bus? I cleaned out the pantry... doesn't it look nice!


Mierzejewski said...

That is so weird, I did that too! I was going to take a picture of my pantry but I forgot! Good for you! Hailey is growing up so fast, its so sad to see the kids grow!!

Nat said...

Your daughter is so pretty!

Your pantry is, too! :)

Meghan said...

Wow i cant believe how time has flown by! I remember as an infant!!