Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chukars Game

The Chukars are the minor league baseball team here in Idaho Falls. We went to the game last ni1ght with Allan's parents and Scott and Robin's Family. Matt got mad because I said Smile so he wasn't in the next picture, but my kids were looking better so I added both.

Hailey got picked to race the Chuckar around from 3rd base to 1st base. She of course won because she is super fast (and because it's rigged) but she had an awesome time doing it.

We had a great night even though they ended up losing. The kids were of course spoiled by Grandma with licorice and cotton candy and popcorn and peanuts.


Nat said...

Looks like fun, especially with your cute girl getting picked for the race thing. I do like going to the games, though right now the full 9 innings is a bit much for my kids to sit still for.

Janae said...

That is so fun for Hailey! Your blog is way cute by the way.