Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reed's Dairy Days

It's that time of year again...Last Year we went on a wagon ride and visited the petting zoo (it seems crazy how much my kids have changed in the last year) , this year we headed straight over to ride some ponies (and by ponies I mean big horses)!

We of course got ICE CREAM and we had to get balloon animals because that was one of the things we didn't do last year and my kids have been talking about getting them for a whole year! I LOVE REEDS DAIRY! They have the best milk and ice cream and cheese, plus they do super fun things like this to show their appreciation for their customers.

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triciathomas said...

I am glad they got ice cream and a balloon this year! Now they will be talking about that for another year! What a great dairy I cannot believe they do all that!