Monday, August 23, 2010

Mt. Borah

As I mentioned, while we were on our berry hunt, Allan was hiking Mt. Borah with some of our family. In this picture the first two people are some friends of Shane's family, then it's Josh, Allan, Justin, Jared, Jason, Rob, Austin and Chelsie. Shane must have been taking the picture.
Here is Shane hiking up the mountain with Allan and some others in the background.
This is Allan with his nephews Jared and Jason.Here is Allan going along the snowpack. Some dumb guy tried to run across the snowpack in a place where people hadn't already packed it down and he fell and broke his leg while our group was up there. Another week, a boy scout fell off the mountain and was lost for a couple of days. I am just sharing because this is a pretty serious hike these guys went on!
Here is Allan at the Summit. I am really impressed that he did this hike, although his muscles were sore for a week after! Someday I want to go and do this hike with him. There are a lot of things I have to miss out on because I am either pregnant or breastfeeding (which is Allan's main argument for not having any more kids) so I always tell Allan he will have to do it all again when I get the chance!These are the ones who made it to the top, Chelsie, Rob, Austin, Allan, Josh and Shane. At one point (it's called "chicken out ridge") there is a spot you have to basically scale the side of a big drop off and a few of the people decided to stop there and wait for the group to come back.
On the way down the mountain Allan's shoe broke, they were pretty cheap hiking boots, but at least they got him through his two big hikes this summer (the first was Table Rock at scout camp) and he didn't get any blisters on either hike so mission accomplished!


James and Tricia Thomas said...

That is impressive hiking skills! Those shoes must have been really worn to have broken!! Amazing!

James and Tricia Thomas said...
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