Thursday, June 3, 2010

Brayden Update

Brayden 3 Months!
Brayden is getting so big and it all goes by so fast! I didn't keep a good record of when my other kids did things, (I think I thought I would just remember?) so I am trying to be better about logging the things that Brayden does. This has been a big couple of months for him. His first laugh was on March 27th. On April 23rd, so about a little less than a week after he turned 3 months old he started rolling from his back to his belly. Within a week of learning to roll he started scooting by pushing himself along with his feet. By May 1st he could also roll from his belly to back. On May 14th he found his feet and he loves to play with his toes now. He also went through a phase around then that he loved to make "raspberry" noises with his mouth and laughed when you did it back at him, he doesn't do that as much anymore. Brayden isn't sleeping through the night yet, but he does a good sleep between about 9pm and 3am so that is good at least, and then he usually eats again around 5:30 right before I get up to go running. He is such a good baby and is happy most of the time, unless he is sleepy or poopy, but can you really blame him for that?
Brayden 4 Months!
At his doctor's appointment on June 1st, he was 13 lbs. 12 oz. and 24 1/4 inches long.

So, I was curious what I had said about Lilly at 4 months and it sounds like they were very similar in their gross motor skills, (big surprise) the biggest difference is Bryaden is a very happy baby and Lilly had a temper and was a worse sleeper!


Mosers said...

He is a cutie.. I can't believe he is 13 lbs... my kids were all 20 lbs at 4 months... on the large side!!! :) Hehe .. he is adorable with the cutest little pout.

triciathomas said...

He is such a cute little guy!!! It's so neat to see each child and how different they can be!

Janae -- Thoughts in Vinyl said...

He is so cute. I love his little smile.

Janae -- Thoughts in Vinyl said...

He is so cute. I love his little smile.

NatalieT said...

I can't believe that he is rolling over already! My kids were not very fast at rolling, crawling, or walking. I guess it is a good thing kids learn eventually. He sure is cute.